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15 Best Places to Watch Sunset in Hong Kong

I always want to watch the sunset, no matter where I am. There is something so special about the colour of the sky during the golden hour that I love. The different hues of orange, red and pink are so magical!

And even though Hong Kong is a metropolis, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any beautiful sunsets. There are many places to watch the sunset in Hong Kong, including Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and New Territory.

If you are looking for places to watch the sunset, Hong Kong has many spots to catch the golden hour. In this post, I’ll show you my 15 favourite places to watch the sunset in Hong Kong.

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What you need to know before searching for the best sunset in Hong Kong

Before you head out for golden hour in Hong Kong, take a look at my post on Hong Kong Solo Travel Guide for more tips and info.

Here are a few additional tips for finding the best sunset in HK:

  • In Hong Kong, the sun sets between 5:30-6 pm during cooler months and between 6-7:15 pm during warmer months. Check the sunset time before going to any of these spots.
  • Some Hong Kong sunset viewpoints are more popular than others. Plan to be there early for the popular places so you can grab the perfect spot to watch the HK sunset.
  • Get an Octopus Card, a rechargeable smartcard for taking public transportation and use it for taking any public transportation to and from your destination. It costs $100HKD, but you can use $50 stored value and get your $50HKD refundable deposit when you leave HK.

Sunset in HK: 15 best sunset spots in Hong Kong

While many of the best sunset spots in Hong Kong are along the west coasts throughout the city, there are many gems in between the busy city where you can see gorgeous sunsets too.

Below is a list of my favourite places to catch a gorgeous Hong Kong sunset. Many of these spots are easily accessible while a handful may require a bit of hiking. But I can tell you without a doubt that it is worth it to put in the effort.

I also included instructions on how to get to each spot and a link to either the location or a route to the sunset spot. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to find these sunsets in HK.

So here are my top 15 favourite places to watch the sunset in Hong Kong (in no particular order).

1. Victoria Harbour – Kowloon Public Pier, Avenue of the Stars and Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier

When it comes to the best sunset in Hong Kong, the best and most accessible spots are various places along the Kowloon Peninsula in front of Victoria Harbour.

The beautiful harbour separates Kowloon and Hong Kong Island and views from either side are just spectacular. And it is one of the must-see places for first-time visitors.

However, if you can catch the sunset at the Kowloon Public Pier, Avenue of the Stars or around Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier, you can see the sun setting and disappearing into the horizon and the outlying islands of HK.

How to get to Victoria Harbour: Take the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit L6 or take a public bus to Star Ferry Bus Station then walk towards the harbour.

2. Pedestrian promenade at China Ferry Terminal

Another fantastic Hong Kong sunset spot is at the tip of the China Ferry Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui. The ferry terminal is at the back of the China Hong Kong City Shopping Mall. On the third level, it is an open area with benches where you can see a gorgeous view of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour.

The view from the ferry terminal is similar to a few spots along Kowloon Public Pier; however, the pedestrian promenade is not busy as other parts of HK. It is one of the best-hidden gems in the middle of the city!

How to get to China Ferry Terminal: Take the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit L5, walk up Canton Road to China Hong Kong City Shopping Mall. Then take the escalators to the 3rd floor and walk towards the east.

3. The Art Park at West Kowloon Cultural District

At the tip of the West Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong’s cultural centre, the West Kowloon Cultural District is the cultural district that has museums, F&B establishments and an Art Park with a waterfront pedestrian promenade.

There aren’t many open and green spaces around the city, so many people visit West Kowloon on weekends. Many people ride bikes along the promenade, picnic on the lawn, and enjoy the beautiful HK sunset. And did I mention the panoramic view of Hong Kong Island? Wow!

How to get there: Take the MTR to Kowloon Station, and take Exit E4 or E5. Walk across the pedestrian bridge towards the water and follow the signs to West Kowloon.

4. Garden Hill

If you are roaming around the up-and-coming area of Sham Shui Po, you should consider taking a short stroll to Garden Hill, a popular HK sunset spot in Shek Kip Mei.

All you need to do is hike 10 minutes up a flight of stairs and you will reach the summit of Garden Hill. At the top, there is a long stretch of pavement where you can enjoy the sunset. So even when it is busy (like how it is on most weekends on a clear day), there is plenty of space for everyone.

At the summit, you can see many residential buildings of Sham Shui Po and Cheung Sha Wan. And in the distance, you can even see the Stonecutters Bridge near Tsing Yi.

How to get to Garden Hill: Take the MTR to Sham Shui Po Station and take Exit D2. Walk northwest on Kweilin Street and cross Tai Po Road. When you are at Berwick Street, there is a laneway between No Milkshake No Life Restaurant and YHA Youth Hostel. Follow the laneway and walk up the stairs.

5. Lugard Road Lookout on Victoria Peak Trail

Victoria Peak Trail is one of the most rewarding hikes in Hong Kong, where the hike itself is easy, and the views are breathtaking.

The circular trail is on the west side of Hong Kong Island, and it only takes one hour to complete. Along the way, you will see gorgeous views of Kowloon, Victoria Harbour, and the north side of HK Island.

But if you only want to watch the sunset, you can walk directly to the Lugard Road Lookout point from the Peak Tower. The short walk only takes 15 minutes.

If “The Peak” is too busy (and it can be during weekends and holidays), consider watching the sunset at my next favourite spot.

How to get there: From the Peak Tower at the Peak, walk 15 minutes on Lugard Road (anticlockwise on Victoria Peak Trail) and watch the sunset from Lugard Road Lookout.

6. High West Summit

High West is one of the peaks on the west side of Hong Kong Island. When you hike this easy trail in Hong Kong, you can see unobstructed views of southern Hong Kong, including Pok Fu Lam, Cyberport and some of the outlying islands, including Lamma Island.

If you are too early to watch the sunset on Victoria Peak Trail or if the Lugard Road Lookout Point is overcrowded, you should continue your hike to the top of Mount High West and watch the sunset from the summit. It only takes another half hour to get to the viewing platform, but the view and sunset are worthwhile.

How to get there: From Harlech Road and Lugard Road junction from Victoria Peak Loop, follow the signs for “High West” and hike 20 minutes.

7. Red Incense Burner Summit on Braemar Hill

Red Incense Burner Summit (Hung Heung Lo Fung) on Braemar Hill might be the best place to watch the sunset on Hong Kong Island. Not only can you see the beautiful sunset, but you can also see a fantastic night view of the city.

And you don’t have to hike the entire mountain to see the sunset. Take either a bus or minibus to the hiking trail and hike for 15 minutes. Wear comfortable shoes though because you’ll need to climb over a few rocks near the summit.

Besides the sunset, you can see panoramic views of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. And on a clear day, you can see as far as Lion Rock Mountain and Tai Mo Shan.

And if you want to stay for the night view, it is absolutely worthwhile. Just make sure to bring an extra layer of clothing as it will be cooler and a headlamp or torch for hiking back out to the city.

How to get there: Take bus 23B, 25, 25A, 27, 81A, 85, 85A, 85P and 108 or minibus 25 and 49M to Braemar Hill Bus Terminus. Then hike 15 minutes to the summit.

8. Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Located on the west side of Hong Kong Island is an area called Western District. And along the edge of Mount Davis, there are various spots to watch the Hong Kong sunset. And one of the best spots at the perimeter is the Sai Wan Swimming Shed.

The swimming shed was built over 50 years ago for swimmers to change into bathing suits. It was one of many swimming sheds in HK, but this is the only remaining swimming shed left.

Today, this spot is popular for taking photographs (I saw a couple there taking wedding photos) and is one of the best sports for watching the sunset in HK. You can walk down the rickety walkway to take an Instagram photo. Or you can walk further east and take photos from the rocky shore.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Kennedy Town Station and take Exit C. Walk west on Forbes Street, then north on Cadogan Street. When you are at Victoria Road, walk west for another 15 minutes until you reach the entrance. Follow the stairs until you reach the Sai Wan Swimming Shed.

9. Sunset Pavillion at Mount Davis

If you are visiting the swimming shed, you might also see the sunset at the Sunset Pavillion at the base of Mount Davis. But you’ll have to walk back up to the main road, turn right and walk for 7 minutes. Then walk down the set of stairs when you see the sign.

At the bottom of the staircase is a viewing pagoda where you can comfortably watch the sunset. But you can still get closer to the sunset. All you have to do is walk down further to the rocky shore. And go early; this sunset spot is super busy, especially on the weekends.

How to get there: From Sai Wan Swimming Shed, walk south on Victoria Road for about 7 minutes. Once you see the sign off the main road after you pass The University of Chicago, turn right and follow the set of staircases all the way down.

10. Kwun Tong Promenade

The Kwun Tong Promenade is a newly built pedestrian walkway in East Kowloon. The one-kilometre waterfront park is a modern community park with green spaces and art installations. And it has a long boardwalk that allows visitors to see Kwun Tong Typhoon Shelter and Kai Tai Cruise Terminal (the old airport in HK).

Not many travellers visit Kwun Tong as it is the industrial area of Hong Kong. But if you are ever in the area, spend some time walking along the park and enjoy the sunset from the waterfront promenade.

Or, if you are in a car or bus on the Kwun Tong Bypass, which is directly above the park, you may catch the sunset view too. Just make sure you sit on the left side of the bus during golden hour, and you might catch a view like this (see photo above).

How to get there: Take the MTR to Ngau Tau Kok Station and take Exit B6. Then walk down Lai Yip Street until you reach Kwun Tong Promenade.

11. Aberdeen Promenade

On the south side of Hong Kong Island, there is a small residential neighbourhood called Aberdeen. The town is not really touristy but it is known for its floating village and Jumbo Floating Restaurant located in the Aberdeen Harbour.

Plus, Aberdeen has a fantastic waterfront park where the promenade extends from Aberdeen and all the way to Ap Lei Chau. And if you are walking along the promenade during the golden hour, you can watch one of the best sunsets in Hong Kong.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Lei Tung Station and take Exit A2. Walk towards Ap Lei Chau Waterfront Promenade and take a sampan boat across Aberdeen Typhoon West Shelter to Aberdeen Promenade with your Octopus Card.

12. Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village is a small village located on the west end of Lantau Island, and it might be one of the best off-the-beaten-path places in Hong Kong. Also known as the “Venice of Hong Kong,” the charming village has two waterways throughout the town and many stilt houses hovering over the waterways.

And because the village is situated on the west end of the city, there are many amazing spots to watch the sunset, including the Shek Tsai Po Ferry Pier, Tai O Lookout, Tai O Promenade and even the parking lot of the bus terminus.

And lucky for me, I was able to watch the sunset on the little pedestrian bridge (see photos above).

How to get there: Take MTR to Tung Chung Station, hop on New Lantau Bus (NLB) Bus #11 (1 hour, $11.8HKD pay with Octopus) at the bus terminal and get off at the last stop.

13. Cheung Chau Ferry Pier

Cheung Chau Island is a popular day trip and weekend spot for locals and tourists. Most people will spend an entire day exploring all corners of the “dumbbell island” and return back to Hong Kong Island at the end of the day.

But before you leave Cheung Chau, make sure to watch the sunset before you go home. Grab a spot on one of the benches along the promenade just north of Cheung Chau Ferry Pier and watch the sun set below the horizon. And maybe even get some local treats like mango mochi or frozen watermelon while you watch the sunset?

How to get there: Take the ferry from Central Ferry Pier #5 on Hong Kong Island to Cheung Chau.

14. Tai Mei Tuk Pier and Plover Cove Reservoir Dam

Tai Mei Tuk is a small village in the Tai Po District known for many outdoor activities, including bike riding, boating, and hiking. And it is the final destination of two challenging hikes: Plover Cove Reservoir trail and Pat Sin Leng hiking trail.

But besides all the physical outdoor activities, one of the best reasons to visit Tai Mei Tuk is to watch the sunset. You can watch the sunset at any point along the long stretch of road between Tai Mei Tuk Pier and Plover Cove Reservoir Dam.

For your ultimate sunset-watching enjoyment, grab a drink at one of the vendors near Tai Mei Tuk Pier and enjoy the beautiful view (see photo above).

How to get there: Take the MTR to Tai Po Market Station and take Exit A3. Then catch minibus 20C to Tai Mei Tuk Bus Terminus. Once you arrive, walk south towards Plover Cove Reservoir Dam.

15. Various spots around Kowloon

Even though HK has many tall skyscrapers, there are many places in Hong Kong where you can catch the golden hour.

I’ve been collecting various photos of HK sunset and found some of the best photos to be in Kowloon.

From left to right: the first photo was taken on Argyle Street and Nathan Road in Mong Kok. The middle photo was taken further down Nathan Road near Pitt Street in Yau Ma Tei. And the last photo was taken while I stood in the middle of Nathan Road, waiting for the light to turn green. It was near Jordan Road.

The moral of the story is that you can see the sunset in HK just about anywhere. All you have to do is to look!

How to get there: various spots in Kowloon – see locations above

Best place to watch sunset in Hong Kong: which is your favourite?

These are a few of my favourite places to watch the sunset in Hong Kong. There are more! And I will update the list as I visit new sunset spots.

Which place will you go see the sunset in HK? Or if you have any suggestions on where I should go, leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading my post about Hong Kong sunset

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