Yilan Food Guide: Where and What to Eat in Yilan Taiwan

Located in northeastern Taiwan, Yilan County is a small county known for its historical towns, hot and cold springs, black sand beaches and ancient hiking trails. But besides all the attractions, there are a few food speciality that you can only find in Yilan, including the famous green onion pancake.

In this post, I listed all the Yilan food you must try while travelling to the northeast coast. Moreover, I included all the best places to eat so you can easily find these Yilan restaurants.

If you consider yourself a foodie or you are excited to try new food in a new country, keep reading and I’ll show you exactly where and what to eat in Yilan Taiwan.

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Yilan Food Guide: tips for eating in Yilan

Before trying some of the best food in Yilan, here are a few of my eating tips:

  • Most restaurants accept cash only, tiny mom-and-pop restaurants and most local restaurants accept cash only.
  • Bring your credit card, as some places will accept credit cards.
  • Check the hours of operation when you are eating in Yilan. Some are open for a few hours or for dinner and everything else in between.
  • Tipping is not required in Taiwan.

Best Yilan Food: 7 food to try in Yilan

Besides all the traditional Taiwanese food, look for these special foods in Yilan:

Unique Yilan food

  1. Green onion pancake – Yilan green onion pancakes are thicker than the ones in other parts of Taiwan. It is made with a flour dough with lots of chopped green onions then pan fried on a flat pot of oil. Order one with or without an egg.
  2. Thick pork soup with garlic – a savoury thick soup with seasoned pork and lots of garlic. Add noodles, vermicelli, rice noodles or have it as is.
  3. Meat fritters or deep-fried meat cake – deep-fried pork tenderloin pieces marinated in soy sauce, ground pepper, and five-spice powder.
  4. Deep-fried shrimp cake – small shrimp and sweet potato sticks are added to a flour batter and deep fried. The end result is a large crispy cracker.
  5. Fresh Seafood – lots of seafood options around Yilan County. Mostly fish and shrimp. Generally, seafood restaurants are better for bigger groups. For solo travellers, you can still try fresh seafood at local restaurants, fish markets and Japanese restaurants.

Sweet treats in Yilan

  1. Peanut ice cream roll – start with a thin, chewy flour crepe, then add ground peanut brittle, three scoops of ice cream and coriander then rolled into a tube form.
  2. Cow tongue biscuits (牛舌餅) – a traditional flat cracker made with flour, sugar, and honey. The dough is thinly rolled into a narrow shape, which looks like an ox tongue.

37 places to eat in Yilan County

I also included all the best places to eat in Yilan County and separated them into different townships. Plus, I included Google Maps links to each place so you can easily find them.

Where to eat in Toucheng

Toucheng makes an excellent homebase when travelling around Yilan County because the town has many food options. Here are some of my favourites:

Where to eat in Jiaoxi

There are lots to eat in the hot spring town of Jiaoxi. Many local favourites including scallion pancakes and hot spring ramen.

Where to eat in Yilan City

Each restaurant (besides the night market) specializes in just one or two things. And I noticed there are a lot of bamboo shoots on the menus too.

Where to eat in Luodong

Many local eateries are concentrated on the main streets and Luodong Night Market.

Where to eat in Nanfangao in Su’ao Township

Seafood (especially mackerel) is the highlight at most restaurants since Nanfangao is a thriving fishing port.

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Which Yilan food are you most excited to try?

I’ve spent over 2 months exploring all the nooks and crannies of Yilan County, looking for all the best attractions in Yilan. And I also spent a lot of time researching what to eat in Yilan and where to find some of the best Yilan famous food.

And as you can see, there is no shortage of good food in Yilan, and you can find delicious food wherever you go. But hopefully, this list of food places in Yilan can jumpstart your culinary experience.

Which Yilan food are you going to try? Or if you find any other specialties in Yilan or a restaurant that should be part of this list, let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading my Yilan Food Guide

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