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Tsing Yi Nature Trails: Easy Hiking Trails On Tsing Yi Island In Hong Kong

Tsing Yi Nature Trails (青衣自然教育徑) is a network of hiking paths that crisscrosses through the hills on the northwest side of Tsing Yi Island in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It has over 6.4km of hiking trail including Ching Hom Path (青瞰徑), Ching Wan Path (青雲徑) and Kwai Tsing Celebration of Reunification Health Trail (葵青慶回歸健康徑).

Even though it is not a simple point-to-point path, I put together an itinerary where you can see all the best highlights on the trail, including views of Ting Kau Bridge (汀九橋), and Tsing Ma Bridge (青馬大橋) in Ma Wan Channel (馬灣海峽).

The Tsing Yi Nature Trail is super easy and perfect for beginners (but only if you don’t mind walking up and down a few flights of stairs). In this post, I’ll show you how you can hike this urban city hike within two hours and see all the best attractions along the Tsing Yi Bridge hike.

And you can combine this trail and Tsing Yi Sam Chi Heung hiking trail on the same day as well. Keep reading and find out how you can do both treks on the same day.

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What you need to know before hiking Tsing Yi Nature Trails

Before you start the Tsing Yi hike, take a look at my Hong Kong solo travel guide and get an overview of HK first.

Here are a few additional tips for hiking on the Tsing Yi hiking trail:

  • The best time for the hiking Tsing Yi Nature Trail is late autumn, winter and early spring. It is possible to hike during summer as part of the trail is shaded but it can still be very hot.
  • Bring enough water for two hours of hiking.
  • Get an Octopus Card, a rechargeable smartcard for taking public transportation and use it for taking the bus to the start of the Tsing Yi trail and taking the minibus back to the MTR station. It costs $100HKD, but you can use $50 stored value and get your $50HKD refundable deposit when you leave HK.
  • Download “Hiking Trail HK” app on your smartphone to see the detailed trails of Tsing Yi trail hike. The app is easy to use and has better trail details than Google Maps.
  • Hike both Tsing Yi Sam Chi Heung and Tsing Yi Nature Trail the same day. Both hikes will take about 5 hours to complete.

Tsing Yi Nature Trails: how to get there

From the north entrance of Tsing Yi Nature Trails, follow the paved path and stairs towards Liu To Shan, the first peak on the hiking trail. See many panoramic views of Kowloon and several pavilions before reaching the second peak. Then descend the northern hills of Tsing Yi towards Tsing Yi West Road.

Click on “more options” on the top left corner of Google Maps and the map will open in your browser or in the app on your smartphone. And I included the elevation profile for this hike too.

  • Difficulty: beginner/easy (paved path and stairs)
  • Duration: 1.5 hour
  • Distance: 4km
  • What to bring: light hiking shoes, sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen), water, snacks, smartphone (for taking photos and navigation)

Tsing Ying Nature Trail: how to get there

From anywhere in Hong Kong, take the MTR to Tsing Yi Station. Then take Exit A1 and walk towards Maritime Square 2. Tsing Yi Station Bus Terminus can be accessed through the shopping mall. Look for the bus stop for bus 248M and take it to the last stop at Cheung Wang Estate.

At the final stop, walk up Liu To Road and the north entrance of Tsing Yi Nature Trails is on the right side.

  • Bus 248M: from Tsing Yi Station Bus Terminus to Cheung Wang Bus Terminus
    • Time: 15 minutes (every 7 – 9 minutes)
    • Cost: $4.30HKD (use Octopus card)
    • Check: KMB website for bus 248M for more information

Look north: Ting Kau Bridge and Tai Lam Country Park

The Tsing Yi Nature Trail hike starts with a long flight of stairs. At the top, continue on the path.

Pay attention to the right side – this is where you can see views north of Tsing Yi, which includes Ting Kau Bridge, which is the main bridge/road that can take you to New Territories.

And you can also get a good view of the buildings along Tuen Mun Road and the mountain range in Tai Lam Country Park.

Walk past Pavilion 4, continue on Ching Hom Path

And in no time, you’ll reach the first resting pavilion. The Hiking Trail HK app is named Pavilion 4.

Since Tsing Yi Nature Trails is a network of hiking trails, many trails crisscross one another, and each path has its own name. From this point forward, the path is called the Ching Hom Path.

And a note about the Hiking Trail HK app – there are more details on the hiking app than on Google Maps. But you can still hike the entire trail without the app by following my itinerary and seeing your GPS location in Google Maps. But if you are interested in all the details, download the app before hiking.

See views from Pavilion 5: Tsing Yi and Tsing Yi Peak

At Pavilion 5, you can get a fantastic view of the residential buildings of the town of Tsing Yi. And you will also see the three mountain peaks of Tsing Yi Peak, also known as Tsing Yi Sam Chi Heung. It is possible to hike these three peaks on the same day – more on that later.

Reach the highest peak in Shek Wan: Liu To Shan

Not far from Pavilion 5 is the first peak along the Tsing Yi Nature Trail, called Liu To Shan.

At 218m, a triangulation post marks the highest peak in Shek Wan (area).

Close to the trigonometric station, the views on the west side of Tsing Yi Island open up. And this is where you can get a better view of the Tsing Ma Bridge, a small island called Ma Wan, and you might be able to see parts of Hong Kong Disneyland.

You can enjoy a snack on the picnic bench on the opposite side. And here, you can see the east side of Tsing Yi Island. See all the tall buildings? That is part of the town of Tsing Yi.

Descend the first peak via Ching Hom Path

From Liu To Shan, turn left and descend the mountain by following the Ching Hom Path.

Along the way, take in the views on the left. You can see the lush greenery in the foreground and Tsing Yi Town in the background.

Cross over to Ching Wan Path and then to Kwai Tsing Celebration of Reunification Health Trail

At the base of the hill, cross over to Ching Wan Path by taking the left route.

Then walk up the stairs and follow the paved path. The path becomes the Kwai Tsing Celebration of Reunification Health Trail. And soon enough, you’ll reach Pavilion 2.

To continue forward, look for the path behind Pavilion 2.

But before moving on, take a look at the views along the way. To the west, you can see the oil drums along the island’s southwestern coast, which is part of Tsing Yi West. And to the east, you can see more buildings of Tsing Yi Town and the mountain range of Tai Mo Shan at the back.

Take the path on the right to Pavilion 1

Continue on the path until you reach a junction. To continue Tsing Yi Nature Trail, turn left. But first, turn right and walk towards and pass Pavilion 1.

The slight detour to the area beyond Pavilion 1 is worth the extra few minutes. Beyond the pavilion, you can see a better view of Tsing Ma Bridge and Lantau Island. This is the western point of the trail, so the scenery here is quite spectacular.

On the way back, you can still see the town of Tsing Yi and the north peak of Tsing Yi Sam Chi Heung.

Continue on the main hiking trail and see views of Tsing Yi West

Remember the junction earlier when you turn right to Pavilion 1? Return to the same spot and turn left to continue hiking the Kwai Tsing Celebration of Reunification Health Trail.

The view on the right (which is west) opens up, and this is where you can take a better look at the oil depot and dockyards of Tsing Yi West. Many petroleum oil companies moved to this area after WWII and have been here since.

Reach the highest peak on Tsing Yi Nature Trail: Kam Chuk Kok

Continue on the trail, and you’ll reach the next triangulation station at Kam Chuk Kok (area). At 214m, it is the second-highest peak along the Tsing Yi Nature Trails. But best of all, it doesn’t feel like you’ve hiked that far to the second peak because you’re already pretty high up!

Take a look at the view to the east – you’ll see many more buildings in Tsing Yi Town. And beyond the island, you can see parts of Kowloon and the mountains of Tai Mo Shan. Take it all in because this is the last opportunity to see this view on this trail.

Hike down Kwai Tsing Celebration of Reunification Health Trail

Continue on the Kwai Tsing Celebration of Reunification Health Trail and hike down a series of stairways.

Here you can see the three peaks of Tsing Yi Sam Chi Heung again. “Sam Chi Heung” means three joss sticks in Cantonese, which are associated with the three peaks’ mountain profile. And at this spot, you can see the three mountain range peaks.

Arrive at the south entrance on Tsing Yi Road West

Tsing Yi Nature Trail ends on Tsing Yi Road West, the south entrance if you hike the trail from south to north. There is an archway indicating the route.

And this is the final destination of this hike. You can walk north on Tsing Yi Road West and take one of the buses (279X and 86E) back to Tsing Yi MTR Station.

  • Bus 68E and 279X: from Ching Wan Court on Tsing Yi Road West to  Tsing Yi Station Bus Terminus
    • Time: 6 minutes (every 10-30 minutes)
    • Cost: $4.60HKD (use Octopus card)
    • Check: KMB website for bus 68E and 279X for more information

Or start hiking Tsing Yi Sam Chi Heung, a more challenging trail on Tsing Yi Island. The trail entrance is across the road on Tsing Yi Road West.

I highly suggest doing both hikes on the same day. Both hikes will take a total of 5 hours.

Are you ready to hike the Tsing Yi hiking trail?

I hope so! Even though the Tsing Yi Nature Trails is a network of trails that crisscrosses each other, you don’t have to figure out how to see all the best attractions; I’ve already done that for you. All you need to do is follow my hiking itinerary, and you can see the best parts of the Tsing Yi hiking trail efficiently.

And I highly recommend hiking both Tsing Yi Nature Trails and Tsing Yi Peak together. Start easy with Tsing Yi Nature Trail, then hike up to the three peaks of Tsing Yi Sam Chi Heung. I did both on the same day, and it wasn’t too tricky.

And if you enjoy easy hiking trails, there are many other easy hiking trails in Hong Kong, including Victoria Peak, High West, Red Incense Burner Summit on Braemar Hill, Pineapple Hill, Rhino Rock and the Lamma Island Family Trail on Lamma Island.

Thank you for reading my Tsing Yi Nature Trails hiking itinerary

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