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HK Express Review: My Honest Opinion of Hong Kong Express

The beauty of having Hong Kong as a travel hub is flying with HK Express. Also known as Hong Kong Express Airways Limited, the airline flies to many destinations in Asia, including Japan, Vietnam, Korea and Thailand.

As one of the Hong Kong budget airlines, HK Express has amazing promotions throughout the year. I flew with HK Express Airline seven times over the last four years and saved significant money.

In this post, I want to share my review of HK Express and everything I know about the budget airline and how you can save money by flying with HK Express.

My HK Express review is an opinion of my own, and I did not receive any compensation. I only want to share what I love. 
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How is Hong Kong Express Airways

I have flown with many different airlines throughout my travelling life. From long-haul flights with full-service carriers to many different budget airlines worldwide, I’ve been on too many flights that I lost count.

And it is hard to compare the low-cost airlines with the major airlines because you get what you paid for.

However, I will share five reasons why I like Hong Kong Express.

1. HK Express flights are affordable

HK Express prices are competitive, and the promotion prices are even more attractive.

I have found that rates are much lower than other larger airlines. It is possible to find flights for $15USD for a one-way trip from Hong Kong to Hualien, Taiwan! However, the price does not include check-in baggage, seat selection, in-flight meals or any other add-ons.

2. Ability to book a one-way and open-jaw ticket

You can book a round-trip, one-way, or open-jaw ticket with HK Express.

The beauty is the flexibility of flying into one city and home from another. It all depends on the route or itinerary at your destination. The flexibility to have an open-jaw ticket is a definite selling point!

And the price of a one-way HK Express ticket is not inflated like other commercial airlines. For some major airlines, booking a one-way ticket costs more than booking a round-trip ticket. I have no clue the reason behind it, but I only care about how I can book the cheapest one-way ticket. And HK Express is the answer!

3. HK Express travel routes

HK Express flies to many destinations in Asia. The list of cities may change occasionally, depending on the demand, but the budget airline flies to many popular cities in Asia. I particularly like to travel to Japan, and HK Express flies to many different cities in Japan.

The list of destinations will change over time, so check the travel routes before planning your trip.

4. Comfortable in-flight experience

I am not an expert, but HK Express planes are pretty good. The seat size, legroom, and everything else seem “normal.” Nothing really to rave about but also nothing to complain about either. After all, the plane ticket price is low, so you get what you paid for.

However, I will say that the entire plane experience is quite good. For example, the air condition level is sufficient, the air quality is good, etc.

A comfortable environment is especially important to me because I fear being in an enclosed space and not having enough airflow. I felt relaxed and comfortable in my past experiences with HK Express.

5. Incredible promotions

I have seen many low-cost airline promotions where the promotional deal is fantastic, but you only have one hour to book for a travel period one year away. Okay, I am exaggerating a bit, but my point is that some low-cost carrier promotions are hard to take advantage of.

With HK Express promotions, the booking period is quite generous. And the travel period is long, i.e. sometimes the travel period can be up to six months!

I really took advantage of online promotions. For example, I booked a return trip to Japan in January for a travel period from September to October. I only paid $150USD!

Most of all, I saved a ton of money flying with HK Express in the last few years. I calculated – I paid $510USD for seven flights. If I purchased my tickets with other competitors, I would spend at least $1,585 for all the same flights. I saved $1,075USD! That is a 67% savings!

Where does HK Express Airline fly to

I have flown with HK Express several times in the past few years. They operate within Asia and fly to most major cities.

Currently, HK Express has routes to the following countries:

Is Hong Kong Express Airline safe?

To be honest, I didn’t look up any safety records or other Hong Kong Express reviews. I may have done that briefly in the past but didn’t research too much about it.

And over the last little while, there were a few incidents regarding low-cost carriers: not minor incidences, but horrific accidents.

But the same incidents can happen to any airline carrier.

So it makes me think I would be safest to stay on the ground! But it would mean that I would never travel again. What is the point of that?

However, air travel is considered one of the safest forms of transportation.

I have flown with HK Express several times in the past few years and haven’t had any issues.

HK Express is accredited by the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and is a member of the Flight Safety Foundation. But it probably doesn’t mean much to me and the general public.

But I will talk a bit about my own experience. I feel the airline crew takes safety very seriously, especially when putting on seatbelts, being seated while the seatbelt sign is on, etc. I can see the flight attendants comply with all the procedures before closing the door and taking off. They follow instructions and procedures to ensure all passengers are safe and well.

I don’t know what goes behind the scene, but from what I experienced, I feel HK Express does take all the necessary precautions to create a safe environment for all the passengers.

The downside of HK Express

However, there are two negatives associated with HK Express. Let’s dissect this, shall we?

1. Check-in baggage fees

If you travel with more than a 7kg carry-on bag, you will have to pay more for check-in baggage.

When you purchase your HK Express ticket online, you can buy check-in baggage at the time of booking. The price starts from $290HKD for 20kg check-in baggage.

If you didn’t purchase check-in baggage as an option during your initial booking, you can add it to your ticket online for a higher rate or pay even more at the check-in counter on the day you travel.

Excessive baggage weight (over 30kg) and sports equipment are additional costs. So check the full listing for all the baggage fees before you book your ticket.

The beauty of a low-cost carrier is the affordability of the actual plane ticket because it is typically cheaper than other airlines. However, you will have to pay for each piece of luggage you check-in.

2. Purchasing in-flight food

Your HK Express ticket does not include in-flight food. However, you can pre-order food while you are booking your ticket. Or you can purchase food when you are on the plane. It is 20% cheaper to pre-order your meal.

But the good news is the quality of the in-flight food is quite good and not too expensive. The HK Express menu has hot and cold Asian meals, beverages (regular and alcoholic) and snacks.

I’m not sure if it’s a disadvantage for HK Express not serving food, especially if the flight is short. It would be nice to have food for longer flights as all the other major airline competitors offer food (but their prices are also higher).

And you cannot bring your own food and beverage onboard. However, I don’t think the flight attendants will be upset if you bring your own candy or chocolate bar. Just don’t bring a whole take-out container of food!

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HK Express promotions I found in the past

I have flown with Hong Kong Express seven times over the past few years and found their prices very affordable. I’ve listed my previous trips below and the promotions I found online.

From Hong Kong to Korea

  • I found a flight from HK to Seoul Korea, for $100USD, and the return flight for $75USD. And I purchased the ticket a month before my departure date. A larger competitor airline was charging $330USD and you have to book your ticket as a round trip ticket, not one-way.

From Hong Kong to Japan

  • For my one-month Japan trip, I paid $95USD flying into Osaka Japan and flew back to HK from Tokyo Japan for $75USD. A larger competitor airline was charging $440USD for a return flight between HK and Tokyo. Moreover, the airline charges more if you book your ticket as a one-way ticket. A sample price for a one-way ticket for HK to Tokyo was $900USD. It costs less to book a return ticket! Bizarre!
  • Another time I booked a flight from HK to Tokyo Japan for $100USD and a flight from Kagoshima Japan to HK for $50USD. A competitor was charging about $680USD for a round trip ticket between HK and Kagoshima, and you have to transit in Tokyo. But a one-way ticket from HK to Kagoshima costs more than $1,000USD! It is insane that a one-way ticket costs more than a return ticket!

From Hong Kong to Taiwan

  • A couple of years ago, I flew to Hualien Taiwan, from HK for $15USD! Yes, I typed $15USD!! I paid $15USD for a 1.5-hour flight from HK to the east coast of Taiwan! And I didn’t have to book it months in advance. A larger competitor airline was charging $270USD or more for a round-trip ticket, and you had to connect via Taipei or Kaohsiung. (Note: the route from Hong Kong to Hualien is no longer available on HK Express).

From Hong Kong to Thailand

  • I was browsing on HK Express website and saw a promotion for flights from HK to Chiang Rai Thailand. A return ticket from HK to Chiang Rai with HK Express costs about $100USD. I found this deal at the end of October 2018, and the trip was from the beginning of November to December of the same year. Again, the competitor airline was charging $350USD, and you must connect via Bangkok, Thailand.

How to save money with Hong Kong Express

1. Sign up for the HK Express newsletter and book with the promotion code

First, sign up for the HK Express newsletter, and they will notify you of their current promotions.

And there are many promotions throughout the year. They promote specific routes or have promotions like getting your return ticket for $1HKD.

I read the newsletter religiously because the promotions are not advertised greatly on the website. Each deal has a specific discount code, so make sure to enter the code when you search for flights.

2. Browse the HK Express website

Whenever planning a trip and flying from Hong Kong, check the HK Express website and see if there are any current promotions.

The website doesn’t have a section for last-minute tickets, but the homepage will display the current special offers. Check the website and see the actual cost of the flight. You’d be surprised how cheap the tickets cost!

Is HK Express for you?

Air travel can be quite expensive, but if you can take advantage of promotions and fly with low-cost carriers, you can save a ton of money.

Flying with HK Express is perfect for you if you are:

  • Based in Hong Kong or travelling from Hong Kong to other Asian cities
  • Flexible when you travel
  • Flexible to where you go
  • Travel with a 7kg or less carry-on bag and one personal item (handbag, laptop bag or camera bag)
  • Want the flexibility to book one-way tickets or open-jaw tickets

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My HK Express review: yay or nay?

Definitely a yay!

Finding cheap tickets online is pretty easy but it has been such a saving grace for me in the past eight years of living in Hong Kong. HK Express flies to the majority of places I want to explore at ridiculously low prices. Flying with anyone else is hard. Their prices are hard to compete with!

I’m not an affiliate of HK Express, but I genuinely like the airline, the affordability, and the range of destinations the airline flies to.

I haven’t read any other HK Express reviews online or heard any negative reviews in the media. So I will continue to trust this airline for my future travel experiences. (Plus, I also won a ticket from HK Express and got a free ticket to Seoul, Korea!)

I hope you find my HK Express review useful. Let me know in the comments if you like HK Express and have memorable experiences flying with this budget airline.

Thank you for reading my HK Express review post

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  • Mister Wallace
    July 12, 2023 at 10:35 am

    And the other best thing is that it is NOT JetStar

    • queenie mak
      July 27, 2023 at 11:54 pm

      LOL I’ve been there and several other low cost carriers.

  • j
    July 25, 2023 at 10:34 am

    what is open jaw ticket?

    • queenie mak
      July 27, 2023 at 11:56 pm

      Open jaw ticket is a plane ticket where the destination and or the origin are not the same in both direction. So an example would be flying from Hong Kong to Tokyo then flying to Taipei (instead of Hong Kong).

  • R
    September 21, 2023 at 9:14 pm

    Would you recommend redeeming Asia Miles on HK Express or to save it for a Cathay flight instead?

    • queenie mak
      September 22, 2023 at 3:42 pm

      Hi R,
      I’m not at a point where I’m able to redeem any flights yet so I haven’t looked into the reward system. But I rather collect air miles for the same airline or system so the chances of redeeming something is higher. Perhaps in the future I’ll be in a position to research more about this topic.

  • Si
    March 30, 2024 at 4:42 pm

    Your review is a bit lacking in substance. For example, section 4 on comfort begins with you telling us you are not an expert yet your whole blog is predicated on giving travel advice based on your travel experience (50+ plus countries and all). So what exactly does ‘pretty good’, ‘normal’ and ‘quite good’ really mean? Perhaps with all the money you save flying budget, you could buy a dictionary and describe the experience of flying this carrier not to mention giving readers the basics such as: are they on time, are the cabin crew in a good mood, is the seat comfortable, do they have inflight entertainment, what meals they offer, and what baggage collection is like? cheers

    • queenie mak
      March 31, 2024 at 7:49 am

      Hi Si,
      I’m sorry that this post has disappointed you. I hear what you are saying and appreciate the feedback. I will take these suggestions to make the post better. Thank you for your feedback!


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