Neipi Beach: How to Get There and What to Do

Neipi Beach (內埤海灘) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Yilan County, Taiwan. The black sand beach is located at the southeast end of Nanfangao in Su’ao Township and is the highlight of the thriving fishing village.

When you visit the crescent-shaped beach, you can see black sand and pebbles with crystal clear blue water. Although the beach is not ideal for water activities, it is still very popular for visitors, especially during late afternoons when couples stroll on the romantic beach to watch the sunset.

In this post, I’ll show you how to get to Neipi Beach and what you can do there. You definitely don’t want to miss it especially if you are travelling around the northeast coast of Taiwan.

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What you need to know before visiting Neipi Beach

Before you explore Neipi Beach, take a look at some of these useful travel tips for your day trip:

  • Neipi Beach is open throughout the year and free for all visitors.
  • Besides seeing Neipi Beach, there are many things to see in Nanfangao and Su’ao. It is possible to pack all the activities in one day.
  • Purchase a rechargeable smartcard called EasyCard or iPass. Either card is good for taking the TRA train and buses to Neipi Beach. You can get the rechargeable card at any major train station or convenience store in Taiwan.
  • Bring a beach towel to sit on the beach and some sun protection.

Neipi Beach Location

Neipi Beach is located at the south end of Nanfangao, a thriving fishing port in central Su’ao Township in Yilan County, Taiwan.

The black sand beach is also part of the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area, an area that runs 1025km from Nanyang District in New Taipei City to the south end of Neipi Beach.

How to get to Neipi Beach

For independent solo travellers, the easiest and cheapest way to get to Neipi Beach is by taking a combination of train and bus.

From anywhere in Yilan (or Taipei), take the local train to Su’ao Station. Once you exit the train station, turn right and walk two minutes to the bus stop and wait for one of these buses. Click each link to check the real-time bus schedule.

  • Bus GR28 – stops at Neipi Beach bus stop first, then Nanfangao Nanning Market (from 6:40am-7pm daily, every 50-60 minutes; NT$15)
  • Bus R2 – goes to Nanfangao Nanning Market (from 6:20am-8:20pm on weekends only, every hour; NT$15)
  • Bus 1766 – goes to Nanfangao Nanning Market (every 30-60 minutes; NT$25)
  • Bus 1791 – goes to Nanfangao Nanning Market (from 5:45am-5:30pm every 30-60 minutes; NT$25)

As mentioned, most buses go to Nanfangao stop at Nanfangao Nanning Market bus stop, and only GR28 goes to the Neipi Beach bus stop.

If you arrive at the Nanfangao Nanning Market bus stop, walk 8 minutes around Neipi Fishing Harbour. Along the way, you will see the Nanfangao Lookout above the hill, many docked boats and old buildings. At the south end of the harbour, walk up Xuefu Road, which will take you directly to Neipi Beach.

If you arrive at the Neipi Beach bus stop, backtrack for half a minute and turn left on Xuefu Road, which will also take you directly to the beach.

What to do at Neipi Beach

Neipi Beach is a 1km black sand beach bound by mountains on both ends. The beach is crescent-shaped and faces the Pacific Ocean. It is completely free to visit and open all year round.

Like other east coast beaches in Taiwan, Neipi Beach is a black sand beach, which means it can possibly have Magnetite, a common dark-coloured mineral, and it might be derived from volcanic ash as Taiwan is located between active tectonic plates.

Experience Neipi Beach during the day and evening

Unfortunately, swimming is prohibited at Neipi Beach due to the unevenness of the seabed, which causes strong undercurrents. Several signs near the edge of the beach warn visitors not to get into the water.

And you really should not even walk too close to the water either. Several incidences happened in the past where people were walking along the shore and were swept away by a wave. And some accidents were fatal.

So what can you actually do at Neipi Beach?

During the day, people hang out at the beach while many walk across and enjoy the sea and mountain views. In the late afternoon, many people watch the sunset (even though the sun actually set behind the beach), but it still has a magical glow. That’s how Neipi Beach got its nickname, Lover’s Bay.

See the black sand and pebbles of Neipi Beach

Initially, I thought it was a black sand beach similar to Waiao Beach near Toucheng, which is common for the beaches of east coast Taiwan.

But when I looked closely at the beach, they were actually small black pebbles of different sizes. And what is interesting is that some of the black pebbles have a blue tint.

I read somewhere that the southern end of the Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area, where Neipi Beach is located, is a place for marine deposits of fine sands and pebbles. So perhaps that’s the reason for the different pebble sizes and colour tint? Whatever it is, it’s pretty neat!

Enjoy the view of Neipi Beach from the viewing platform

There is a viewing platform on the north side of Neipi Beach. When you walk inland towards the cafes and buildings, a small path will lead up to the platform.

The platform has a roof which is awesome for a sunny day because it can get really hot in summer. Plus, the platform is slightly elevated so you can see the crescent-shaped beach.

Relax at Beibin Park

On the north side of Neipi Beach, there is a lovely grassy park parallel to the beach called Beibin Park (北濱公園). There are paved walkways, manicured lawns, park benches, and a big Guanyin Bodhisattva statue.

Sometimes there are food vendors at the south end of the park during the weekend. More on food options in the next section.

Visit one of the cafes at Neipi Beach

On the north side of the crescent-shaped beach, there are a few cafes (We Cafe, Marine 20M Seaview Cafe, Mediterranean Casa, Poseidon Cafe and 半顆橘子咖啡小窩, which translate to Half Orange Coffee Nest) with rooftop decks overlooking Neipi Beach. They all serve light meals, desserts and drinks.

Near the south end of Beibin Park, there are a few more food options. 地熱小姐 has a variety of cakes, and 南方澳 綿綿冰 serves traditional Taiwanese desserts.

And towards the south side of Neipi Beach is a restaurant called Smile Pizza Cafe (笑ㄟCafe). The restaurant has many Western foods on the menu and outdoor seating for the optimal view of Neipi Beach.

Other things to see around Neipi Beach

There are many more things to do around Nanfangao besides Neipi Beach. If you are spending the entire day exploring Su’ao and Nanfangao, roam around the harbour and check out these two attractions near Neipi Beach.

Tofu Cape

At the north end of Neipi Beach, there is a land-tied island with rows of hills called the Pen Holder Mountain. Not far from the main road, you will find Tofu Cape (豆腐岬), a small bay with a seawall and a coastal trail.

The cape is known for snorkelling, standup paddleboarding and watching the sunrise. Or you can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean from the coastal window by the cape.

Nanfangao Fishing Harbour

Nanfangao Fishing Harbour (南方澳漁港) is one of the three biggest fishery harbours in Taiwan. And the fishing port is known for its mackerel harvest all year round.

Walk around the fishing harbour and see the docked boats and traditional buildings. There are also several seafood restaurants to try fresh seafood. But the better option for solo travellers is to buy a tray of fresh sushi from the Nanfangao Fish Market.

If you visit in October, you can see a parade and all the festivals during the Nanfangao Mackerel Festival.

Are you ready to visit Neipi Beach in Taiwan?

If you are spending the day exploring Su’ao and Nanfangao, you must check out Neipi Beach. Even though it is not a swimming beach, I still think seeing the black sand beach is worthwhile, especially when the landscape is so beautiful.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Neipi Beach!

Thank you for reading my Neipi Beach post

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