A Complete Beginner’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Beitou Hot Spring

There are many Beitou hot spring experiences that you can enjoy while spending a day in Beitou, a popular day-trip destination from Taipei, Taiwan.

From seeing hot springs in nature to soaking your tired feet in the hot spring foot bath and fully immersed in one of the hot springs in Beitou, you will find something you want to do in Beitou. And you can even eat food made with hot spring water!

If you want to visit Beitou, one of Taiwan’s four main hot spring towns, then keep reading. I will show you all the options for experiencing hot springs in Beitou, hot spring etiquette and the general rules for using a hot spring in Taiwan.

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Beitou hot springs: what you need to know

Before trying some of the best Beitou hot springs, take a look at my post on everything you need to know before going to Taiwan. I included a lot of travel information, including how to get around Taiwan, where to get a Taiwan SIM card and other useful travel info.

Here are additional tips you may find useful for visiting Beitou public hot springs:

  • Purchase a rechargeable smartcard called EasyCard or iPass. Either card is good for taking the MRT to Beitou from Taipei. You can get the rechargeable card at any major train station or convenience store in Taiwan.
  • There are many types of hot spring experiences in Beitou. From free footbaths to luxurious hot springs in Beitou hotels. And you can even try food made with hot spring water!
  • You can see all the best attractions in Beitou on a day trip.
  • However, if you can splurge, stay overnight at one of the Beitou hotels and experience a traditional hot springs hotel.
  • Read my tips on etiquette and guidelines for using hot springs before trying Beitou public hot springs.

How to get to Beitou Taiwan

Beitou is part of the Beitou District (北投區), the northernmost district of Taipei City in Taiwan. The easiest way to get to Beitou is by taking the Taipei Metro (MRT).

Even though there is a Beitou MRT Station on the Tamsui-Xinyi Line (red line), don’t get off there. Transfer to Beitou Station, hop on another subway on Xinbeitou Line and take one stop to Xinbeitou MRT Station.

From Taipei to Beitou

  • MRT: from Taipei Main Station to Xinbeitou MRT Station
    • Time: 30 minutes
    • Cost: NT$50

How to get around Beitou Taiwan

Once you arrive at Xinbeitou MRT Station, many signages help you navigate around Beitou. The signposts have signs in both English and Chinese and also include approximate distances.

It is easy to get around Beitou, and you can walk to all the destinations mentioned in this post.

Beitou hot spring day trip: what to bring

For a fun day trip (or overnight trip) to Beitou, make sure you bring the following items:

  1. conservative bathing suit if you want to use one of the public outdoor mixed-gender hot spring
  2. towel as most public springs and foot baths do not provide towel
  3. soap and shampoo if you use the public hot spring
  4. comfortable footwear since exploring Beitou is best done on foot (plus if you want to visit Sulphur Valley Recreation Area, it’s a bit of a walk)
  5. hat or visor (something to shield you from the sun)
  6. water for your hike to Sulphur Valley Recreation Area and after your hot spring bath
  7. overnight bag if you decide to stay at a Beitou hot spring resort

Introduction to hot spring etiquette: how to use a hot spring in Beitou

There are very specific rules and etiquette when it comes to hot springs. And the same rules are applicable to hot springs throughout Taiwan and Japan.

But first, here is a quick summary of how to use a hot spring:

  1. Wash – sit at on a low stool in the shower and wash your hair and body
  2. Rinse – use the bucket or showerhead to rinse off
  3. Bathe – enjoy your hot spring experience
  4. Shower – take another shower before getting dressed
  5. Drink – drink water afterwards to replenish the water back into your body

Since many people use the hot spring, you must follow these rules to keep yourself and the pools clean.

And by now you must be thinking, am I going to be naked in the hot spring with other people? The answer is yes.

Public hot springs are divided into men’s and women’s areas. Unless the hot spring is specified, you always go into the hot spring without your clothes.

It might feel weird walking around naked or being in the pool naked with strangers, and you might feel you need to cover yourself. But honestly, nobody cares, and everyone does the same thing. Don’t let this small detail deter you from experiencing the hot springs.

General rules for using hot springs

There is a long list of rules just at the entrance of Millenium Hot Spring. But in general, most hot spring facilities follow these guidelines:

  1. Always take a shower before going into the water.
  2. The recommended duration in hot springs is 15 minutes at a time. You can return to hot spring water, but the maximum is three times.
  3. Do not use hot springs if you have heart problems, high blood pressure, or an infectious disease.
  4. For women, do not use hot springs during the menstrual period or while pregnant.
  5. Don’t overeat or consume any alcohol before using hot springs.
  6. Respect other people’s privacy. Photography is not allowed.

There may be other rules as each hot spring is different. But generally speaking, if you follow these guidelines, you will be okay.

9 top things to do in Beitou Taiwan

Wondering what to do in Beitou? Of course, your adventure starts with Beitou hot springs!

But did you know you can experience Beitou hot springs in many ways? Besides the obvious hot spring experiences where you can soak your feet in the foot spa and have a traditional hot spring experience, you can eat food made with hot spring water and see geothermal hot spring activities in nature.

I put together a map to show you all the places you can visit while exploring Beitou. Follow the numbers on the map and the corresponding descriptions.

1. Beitou Hot Spring Museum: learn hot spring culture and etiquette

You can learn about the history of Beitou, hot spring culture and etiquette at the Beitou Hot Spring Museum (北投溫泉博物館).

The museum was a public hot spring but was abandoned after World War II. As the area became popular, the historic Japanese building was converted into a museum where the two-storey building displays comprehensive information about Beitou and everything that has to do with hot springs.

After all, the hot spring culture is very popular, especially regarding healing and therapy. From increased blood circulation to reducing stress and promoting better sleep, hot springs have many benefits!

Address: No.2 Zhongshan Road | Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (closed Mondays) | Cost: free

How to get to Beitou Hot Spring Museum: The Hot Spring Museum is located on the east end of Beitou Park, only about 5 minutes from Xinbeitou MRT Station.

2. Beitou Thermal Valley: see sulphuric hot spring

The Thermal Valley (地熱谷), known as “Hell Valley” is one of the top attractions in Beitou.

The hot spring water at the Thermal Valley is the primary source of hot spring water for the area. And here you will find “Beitou Rocks” also known as Hokutolite or Anglesobarite, a rare rock containing radioactive radium.

But this is not the type of hot spring you can dip in. The water is between 80 to 100°C! It will burn your skin if you touch it! You can only walk along the path and see the deep emerald green hot spring water and sulphuric steam hovering over the water. The entire scene is quite eerie but cool.

Address: Wenquan Road | Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (closed Mondays) | Cost: free

How to get to Thermal Valley: From Xinbeitou MRT Station, walking to Beitou Thermal Valley takes only 10 minutes. It is absolutely free to visit the Thermal Valley.

3. Sulphur Valley Recreation Area: hike around natural sulphur pools

The Sulphur Valley Recreation Area (硫磺谷遊憩區) is just east of the city centre. The area has a hiking trail where you can see different areas of the recreation area including a few sulphur pools.

The current landscape is a result of sulphur mining which started around 1349. But mining activities have been stopped to minimize environmental impact. Today, you can see sulphur pools and hydrothermal activities.

If you walk further, you can see Xinyi Falls (情人瀑布) and Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園).

The Longfenggu Visitor Centre is on the east end of the park if you want to learn more about the recreation area.

Address: Quanyuan Road | Hours: open 24 hours | Cost: free

How to get to Sulphur Valley Recreation Area: From Xinbeitou MRT Station, the walk to the hiking trails takes about 30 minutes. Part of the journey is on a big road so please be careful as you walk on the side of the road.

4. Beitou Quan Yuan No. 48 Park: soak your feet in the free public footbath

If you have been exploring Beitou on foot, your feet must be tired. There are a few foot baths in Beitou where you can soak your feet for free.

The footbath at Beitou Quan Yuan No.48 Park (泉源公園溫泉泡腳池園區) is long and narrow. But it is wide enough for people sitting across from each other. And the long foot bath is very popular with locals.

Remember to rinse your feet before soaking your feet in the hot spring pool.

Address: No.155 Zhuhai Road | Hours: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm (closed Mondays) | Cost: free

How to get to Beitou Quan Yuan No.48 Park: The free foot bath is a 15-minute walk from Xinbeitou MRT Station. And you have to walk uphill a bit before reaching the quiet park.

5. Fuxing Hot Foot Spa: another free footbath in Beitou

Fuxing Hot Foot Spa (復興公園泡腳池) is a free foot spa at the south end of the park. You won’t miss it because the hot spring foot bath always draws a crowd. Locals love coming here!

Similar to the other free foot bath, ensure you wash your feet before enjoying the foot spa. You can leave your shoes in the open cubbies.

Address: Zhonghe Street | Hours: 8:00 am – :006 pm (closed Mondays) | Cost: free

How to get to Fuxing Hot Foot Spa: The free hot spring foot spa is just a minute away from Xinbeitou MRT Station. When you exit the station, walk north until you reach the park.

6. Millenium Hot spring: enjoy a Beitou public hot springs

Millenium Hot Spring (親水公園露天溫泉) is a public outdoor hot spring, and it is one of the original public hot springs in Beitou. It is very affordable and popular with the locals.

Typically, women and men use separate hot spring facilities. But Millenium Hot Spring is a mixed-gender hot spring.

And since men and women both use the outdoor hot spring together, you must wear a swimsuit. And at Millenium, they are strict about wearing a conservative one-piece bathing suit. So leave your skimpy bikinis home because you cannot wear them here.

If you want to try one of the original Beitou public hot springs and can look at the starry sky while soaking in a hot spring, then you visit Millenium Hot Spring.

Address: No.6 Zhongshan Road | Hours: 5:30 – 7:30 am, 8:00 – 10:00 am, 10:30 am – 1:00 pm, 1:30 – 4:00 pm, 4:30 – 7:00 pm, 7:30 – 10:00 pm | Cost: NT$40 (cash, EasyCard or iPass)

How to get to Millennium Hot Spring: The public hot spring is just east of Beitou Park, on Zhongshan Road. Look for an entrance with a kiosk.

7. Long Nai Tang Hot Spring: soak in a private bath in Taiwan’s oldest hot spring

Since opening its doors in 1907, Long Nai Tang or “Long Nice” Hot Springs (瀧乃湯浴室) is Taiwan’s oldest hot spring and a favourite for locals. It is a “traditional hot spring” (aka you go in naked).

Men and women have separate areas. Each area has two pools: one pool has a temperature of 45-46°C while the cooler pool is 42-43°C.

The hot spring is set in a beautiful Japanese-inspired setting. It is a small and cozy hot spring.

But if you are not used to the “traditional” type of hot spring, especially in a small pool with other strangers, then you might want to try a private hot spring, also available at Long Nai Tang. This private hot spring is ideal for couples and families.

Address: No.244 Guangming Road | Hours: 6:30 am – 9:00 pm (closed Wednesday) | Cost: from NT$150

How to get to Long Nai Tang Hot Spring: From Xinbeitou MRT Station, walk east along the south side of Beitou Park. After about 8 minutes, you will see a tiny low-profile house on the south side of the road. The signage is in Chinese so look for a house like the photo above.

8. Waterhouse Hotel: experience a high-end hot spring experience at a Beitou hot spring resort

For the best hot spring experience in Taiwan, check in at a Beitou hot spring resort and enjoy a private hot spring in your own room.

Waterhouse Hotel is a newly renovated hot spring hotel with Japanese-inspired guest rooms. The Economy Room has a comfortable bed on Japanese tatami mats, a modern bathroom and a deep soaker tub where you can have your own private onsen hot spring experience.

And as a hotel guest, you can use the hotel’s spa facilities for free.

Even if you are not staying at the hotel, you can pay a fee (see above) and use the hotel’s hot spring. And you should try it because the spa area is newly renovated and everything looks new and clean.

Before you go to the hot spring, get a locker key bracelet from the reception. You will need the locker key to open the door to the spa and also to open your locker.

Men and women have separate hot spring areas.

The women’s public hot spring area includes a nook for lockers and an area for sinks and hot spring style showers (i.e. low showers with a stool).

There are several hot spring pools with white sulphur hot spring water. The water is naturally hot from the geothermal activity in the Beitou area.

The onsen hot spring area is private but has a semi-open area where you can enjoy the warm water while taking in a cool breeze.

Overall, I love the public hot springs at Waterhouse Hotel because of the minimalist and modern touches of an old tradition. And also because I was the only guest using the public hot spring that day! Check prices and review on Agoda if you consider staying overnight at this Beitou hot spring hotel.

Address: No.248 Guangming Road | Hours: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm | Cost: NT$780 (weekday), NT$1,080 (weekends), or free if you are a hotel guest

How to get to Waterhouse Hotel: The hot spring hotel is a 10-minute walk from Xinbeitou MRT Station. Similar to the directions for Long Nai Tang, walk east on the south side of Beitou Park, pass Long Nai Tang, and it’s another 2 minutes up the road.

9. Eat food made with Beitou hot spring water

And when you are finished with all the other hot spring activities in Beitou, try one of the restaurants listed below. They are quite unique as they make hot spring-related food.

  • Man-Lai Ramen Noodles (满来温泉拉麵) – a ramen restaurant serving ramen made with hot spring water. The prices are reasonable. The seafood ramen is to die for!
  • Mankewu Taiwanese Style Ramen (滿客屋台式拉麵) – also serves ramen noodles. A perfect spot for solo travellers.
  • Tea Colors Cafe – makes hot spring hotpot including hot spring beef pot (NT$290), hot spring pork pot (NT$280), hot spring chicken pot (NT$280) and a vegetarian option, hot spring mushroom pot (NT$280). 

Which Beitou hot spring experience are you going to choose?

If you are travelling solo in Taipei, take a day off from the city and experience the hot springs in Beitou. It is one of the easiest day trips from Taipei and a lot of fun too!

Besides all the healing properties, soaking in a hot spring is a relaxing activity that anyone can enjoy. Which hot spring are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading my Beitou hot spring post

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