Where to Stay in Naha: 6 Boutique Hotels in Naha Okinawa (with Honest Reviews)

Before my solo trip to Okinawa, I had no idea where to stay or what type of accommodations are available in Okinawa. After researching and staying at different hotels, I recommend staying at one of these six boutique hotels in Naha, Okinawa.

If you are travelling alone to Okinawa and want to enjoy a few nights in a boutique hotel, keep reading. I’ll show you my top picks for boutique hotels in Okinawa that are excellent for solo travellers. I even ranked these Naha hotels and gave you my honest opinion so you can make an informed decision and book the best boutique hotel for your next trip to Naha.

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Before you book one of these Naha Hotels

Before you book a Naha hotel, take a look at my post on everything you need to know before going to Japan. I included a lot of travel information, including how to get around Japan and other travel tips.

Here are a few additional tips for booking Naha hotels:

  • Guest rooms in boutique hotels in Naha are quite small and basic. But that’s part of the Japanese accommodation culture and aesthetics.
  • Check-in at 3pm and check-out at 11am.
  • Okinawa boutique hotels always supply room wear and indoor slippers.
  • Sometimes toiletries are placed at reception so you can take what you need.
  • Each Naha hotel has washing machines (sometimes dryers too), ice machines, and vending machines for guests.
  • Pay attention to payment details like cancellation policy, etc. If you are not sure of your travel dates, choose the option where you can get a refund if you change your mind.

Where to stay in Naha Okinawa for a solo traveller

If you are visiting Naha Okinawa for the first time, stay somewhere in Naha that is central to all the places you want to visit and also near the monorail station.

I highly recommend staying near Asahibashi Station or Miebashi Station because you can take the monorail from the Naha Airport to the city centre and walk to your hotel.

All six boutique hotels are near either station. But if you choose another accommodation, book one near a monorail station so you can easily get around in Naha city centre and other parts of Okinawa.

Hotel Review: 6 Boutique Hotels in Naha Okinawa

There are more than six boutique hotels in Naha Okinawa. Still, I selected these because they look quite nice (from the online photos), are located in convenient areas and are affordable.

I’ve stayed at each of these boutique hotels myself, so I can say that these hotels are excellent for anyone travelling alone to Okinawa.

I will give you a general overview of the boutique hotel and my honest opinion of each in the highlight and lowlight sections.

Here are the 6 boutiques hotels in Naha I stayed while travelling solo to Okinawa. And I am ranking them in the order of the boutique hotel I like the most to the one I like the least.

  1. Nest Hotel Naha Kumoji 
  2. Hotel Strata Naha 
  3. Hotel Anteroom Naha
  4. Hotel Androoms Naha Port
  5. Nest Hotel Naha Nishi 
  6. Estinate Hotel Naha 

1. Nest Hotel Naha Kumoji

Nest Hotel Naha Kumoji is a 3.5-star boutique hotel with 120 rooms, a double-volume lobby, and a workspace and breakfast area on the second floor.

It is part of the Nest Hotel Japan Corporation (NHJC), a hotel brand focused on affordable pricing and tailored facilities specific to each location. They designed many boutique hotels across Japan to have a relaxed atmosphere, not necessarily luxurious but comfortable.

The double room is 20 sqm, and it has a queen bed, a sitting area, a tv, etc. Because the room is located at the angle or corner of the building, it has a corner room feel and has two separate windows with different views.

Nest Hotel Naha Kumoji: highlights and lowlights

  • Highlights: spacious guest room, multiple windows, operable window, reliable wifi, sitting area, work area on the second floor and lobby, a 4-minute walk from Miebashi Station
  • Lowlights: no onsite restaurant or other facilities (i.e. gym, pool, etc.)

Address: 2 Chome-22-5 Kumoji, Naha | Rate: from¥7,000 for a double room

2. Hotel Strata Naha

Located next to Miebashi Station is Hotel Strata Naha. The 3.5-star boutique hotel is one of the newer hotels in Naha, and it has 221 rooms, a garden pool and a 24-hour gym. As for food and beverage, you can try French-inspired food at Cafe Strata, eat traditional Okinawan food at Moss Okinawa Restaurant or enjoy a drink and view of Naha at the Bar Sky Salon (open on Fridays and Saturdays only).

The compact room is about 16-19 sqm big. It has a double bed, a single sitting area, a walk-in shower, LCD tv, etc. But the room feels very comfortable because of the high ceiling and their use of traditional Okinawan textiles (cushions, bed throws) and other Okinawan crafts like Ryukyu glass and Yachimun pottery.

Hotel Strata Naha: highlights and lowlights

  • Highlights: functional and comfortable guest room, separate toilet and sink area, 1-minute walk to Miebashi Station
  • Lowlights: intermittent wifi, nowhere to hang out in the hotel outside of the guest room

Address: 1 Chome−19−8 Makishi, Naha | Rate: from¥7,200 for a compact room

3. Hotel Anteroom Naha

Hotel Anteroom Naha is a 4-star boutique hotel in the neighbourhood of Maejima near Tomari Port. Opened in 2020, the boutique hotel hosts guests for overnight stays and has gallery spaces that showcase artwork by young artists. It also has an onsite restaurant serving Italian cuisine, a lounge area for drinks, and a lobby area for work.

The double room is about 20-23 sqm big. It has a queen bed, desk area, sitting area, modern furniture, a walk-in shower, LCD tv, mini fridge, and a wonderful harbour view. The boutique hotel also has five concept suites featuring unique artwork local artists designed. These can be booked directly on the hotel website.

Hotel Anteroom Naha: highlights and lowlights

  • Highlights: functional guest room, nice view of the harbour, minimalist design
  • Lowlights: 14-minute walk from Miebashi Station, occasional loud ship horn

Address: 3 Chome-27-11 Maejima, Naha | Rate: from¥7,000 for a double room

4. Nest Hotel Naha Nishi

Nest Hotel Naha Nishi is another Nest Hotel in Naha, and this one is located on Sunshine-dori and is a 5-minute walk from Asahibashi Station. Opened in 2022, the 4-star boutique hotel has 143 rooms, a well-designed lounge lobby area and a breakfast area serving buffet-style breakfast.

I booked a hollywood twin room this time because I wanted to see the difference between a standard double room and a twin room. Plus, it was cheaper to book this one at the time. The twin room is a 16 sqm room with a sitting area, tv, mini fridge, etc. The colour and design palette is minimalistic and natural.

Nest Hotel Naha Nishi: highlights and lowlights

  • Highlights: spacious twin room, new finishes, immaculate, fancy lobby
  • Lowlights: no onsite restaurant, no other facilities (i.e. gym, pool, etc.)

Address: 1 Chome-20-19 Nishi, Naha | Rate: from¥8,000 for Hollywood twin room

5. Hotel Androoms Naha Port

Opened in 2022, Hotel Androoms Naha Port is located at the end of Sunshine-dori, a 12-minute walk to Asahibashi Station. The 3-star boutique hotel has 236 rooms, an all-day dining cafe, a rooftop swimming pool and sauna, and a garden terrace on the second floor.

They have a standard guest room, but I chose the loft room because of its unique design. The 19 sqm loft room can fit up to 4 people, and it has a comfortable queen loft bed, two sofa lounge chairs (which can be used as beds), a desk area, a tv, a mini fridge, etc. The room feels very spacious because of the high ceiling.

Hotel Androoms Naha Port: highlights and lowlights

  • Highlights: unique loft guest room, feels spacious, extra seating
  • Lowlights: nowhere to hang out in the hotel outside of the guest room, extra cost for using the sauna (¥1,500 and private sauna ¥4,000 for 2 hours)

Address: 2 Chome-23-1 Nishi, Naha | Rate: from¥7,200 for a loft room

6. Estinate Hotel Naha

Estinate Hotel Naha is a 3-star boutique hotel only 6 minutes from Meibashi Station. The hotel itself is in an older building, but there are plenty of common spaces for travellers. There is a lobby lounge, an outdoor terrace and a working lounge on site for those who work on the road.

The modern double room includes handcrafted lights made with Ryukyu glass and modern design touches featuring Okinawan culture. It is only 12 sqm big, but the compact room has a double bed with a Serta mattress, 43″ tv, mini fridge, etc.

Estinate Hotel Naha: highlights and lowlights

  • Highlights: lobby lounge area, working lounge, friendly and helpful staff, separate shower and toilet and washbasin, free beer between 6-7pm
  • Lowlights: the room is small and feels even smaller because of the low ceiling and dark finishes, expensive for a small room

Address: 2 Chome-3-11 Matsuyama, Naha | Rate: from¥7,300 for a modern double room

Which boutique Naha hotel are you booking?

Personally, I prefer to stay near Miebashi Station because it is closer to the Kokusai-dori, covered shopping streets and many Okinawan food places.

When I return to Okinawa, I will stay at Nest Hotel Naha Kumoji. I really like the hotel – the room is spacious, the common area is very nice, and the walk to the centre of Naha is not too far (but I also don’t mind walking).

As for booking, I always check hotel rates on Agoda first. Sometimes Agoda will run promotions and have specific deals or credit card promotions. But generally speaking, Agoda’s rates are the lowest I’ve seen anywhere.

I hope you like this hotel review and have found it useful when finding the best hotels in Naha, Okinawa. Let me know in the comments which one you are booking for your next trip to Naha.

Thank you for reading my post on boutique hotels in Naha Okinawa

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