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As a bonus, I created the Trip Planner templates to help you plan your (first) trip! There are three templates in the Excel file:

  1. Calendar Planner – this is a calendar view where all your information is in a calendar format.
  2. Linear Calendar Planner – sometimes it is easier to see information linearly. This template allows you to put all your travel information including confirmation numbers.
  3. Packing List – I included a packing list of all the items you can potentially bring on your trip. Also, I included the quantities of each item but revise the quantity to suit your needs.

trip planner templates

There are two formats of the Trip Planner Templates:

xlxs format: mstravelsolo_trip_planner_templates

xls format: mstravelsolo_trip_planner_templates

Hope this is helpful to you! Leave me a message or send me an email if you have any questions about the templates. Or if you have suggestions on how these templates can improve, let me know too!