Taipei Accommodation: Where to stay in Taipei Taiwan as a solo traveller

Taiwan attracted more than 11 million tourists last year. That is quite an impressive number! And I can understand why. The country has many excellent attractions, delicious food and a ton of things to do and see.

And many of those travellers visited Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. With the growth of tourism, many new hotels and hostels are popping up all over Taipei. This means there are many types of accommodations to choose from. Maybe too many.

If you are looking for Taipei accommodation and wondering where to stay in Taipei, look no further. I have a few suggestions for you. I’ve stayed at each of these accommodations in Taipei listed below and would highly recommend each one.

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Before you look for accommodation in Taipei

Before you start your search for Taipei accommodation, take a look at my post on all my best tips for travelling to Taiwan. I included a lot of information, including getting a Taiwan prepaid SIM card, transportation around the country and more. And check out more tips on my solo travel guide to Taipei and learn about other attractions in the capital city.

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Taipei Accommodation Culture

Taiwan has many different types of accommodations. From hotels, hostels, to guest houses, there is something for every type of traveller.

But I noticed that the accommodations in Taipei are a bit different from other parts of the world when it comes to culture, specifically when it comes to staying at hostels in Taipei. And the terms hostel and hotel are used interchangeably.

Here are some tips about Taiwanese accommodation culture:

  • The majority of the budget-friendly hostels and hotels n Taipei are near Taipei Main Station.
  • There are many excellent solo accommodations in Taipei. Most of them are hostels, but there are many cheap hotels in Taipei as well.
  • Whether you stay in your own room or a dorm bed, it costs a bit more to stay during a weekend than on a weekday.
  • If possible, book ahead for weekend stays because you want to secure the most competitive rate. Also, the vacancy rate is lower during the weekends as many Taiwanese people travel around the country, especially during national holidays.
  • A lot of Taiwanese travel around the country, and they stay in hostels. So you may find Taiwanese solo travellers, older travellers, and entire families.
  • From my experience, Taiwanese people are very polite and shy and like to keep to themselves. I’m always the one saying, “ni hao!” (hello in Mandarin) And sometimes, they would smile back. Don’t take it personally if they don’t say anything or smile back.

How to find the best hostels and hotels in Taipei

There are so many options when it comes to accommodation in Taipei. Probably a bit too much if you ask me.

However, I always trust Agoda, one of the best sites for booking hotels, guesthouses, and hostels. I’ve never had any issues with my bookings.

And most of all, Agoda has the most competitive prices that I have seen anywhere else. They have the best price guarantee.

The website has a huge database of accommodations in Taipei. I’ll link each of the recommended hotels and hotels in Taipei below.

Where to stay in Taipei City: the best hostels and hotels in Taipei

Wondering where to stay in Taipei as a solo traveller? Below are my favourite places, and they are some of the best hotels and hotels in Taipei. I’ve stayed in all of them, which is why I am confident that you will enjoy staying at any one of them.

1. Star Hostel Taipei Main Station

Address: 4F, No. 50, Huayin Street, Taipei Main Station, Taipei, Taiwan 103 (see map)

Rate: NT$550 for a single bed in an 8-bed female dormitory

Star Hostel: One of the best Taipei hostels

Located near Taipei Main Station, Airport MRT Station, and walking distance to Ximending, Star Hostel is one of the best budget hostels in Taipei.

Even though it is called a “hostel,” there are shared accommodations and private rooms. Choose between a double guest room with a desk and an ensuite bathroom or a comfortable bed in a dormitory room. The hostel has a shared kitchen, a lovely common area, great wifi and wonderful staff who speak perfect English and can help you with anything you need.

And it doesn’t matter which type of accommodation you choose; breakfast is included.

The hostel organizes daily social activities, whether it is a movie night or video game night. Plus, the hostel kitchen doubles as a bar at night serving local craft beers.

Why you should book Star Hostel

Star Hostel is my favourite place to stay in Taipei! I LOVE the cozy common space and the overall design aesthetics. The bed is super comfortable, and the bathrooms are always clean.

If you value a hostel or hotel with an excellent common area, you must stay at the Star Hotel. The common area includes several big tables for eating or working. And it has two unique platform areas where you will find a greenhouse and a treehouse (see the main photo).

2. Meander 1948 Hostel – Taipei Main Station

Address: No. 42, Taiyuan Road, Datong District, Taipei City 103 (see map)

Rate: NT$500 for a single bed in an 8-bed female dormitory

Meander 1948 Hostel: best gourmet breakfast at a Taipei hostel

Meander 1948 Hostel is a 3-star hostel and one of the newer accommodations near Taiwan Main Station, Airport MRT Station and walking distance to Ximending.

There are three floors of guest rooms with a mix of dormitory beds and regular guest rooms. The reception is behind the hostel coffee shop on the ground floor. And the hostel has laundry facilities and free walking tours.

The dormitory bed is comfortable, has two different sets of lights and a privacy curtain. And just outside of the bed, there is a locker for your belongings. It is big enough for a carry-on backpack. Or if your luggage is too big, there is a dedicated space where you can store your luggage.

On the 4th floor (top floor), there are additional guest rooms and a common area. The common area has a kitchenette, reading area, a balcony with a few tables and a mezzanine level with a hammock-style net-bed.

Why you should book Meander 1948 Hostel

Meander 1948 Hostel is an excellent choice for solo female travellers, especially if you are unfamiliar with hostel living. The dorm room is spacious, the bathroom is clean, and the hostel’s overall look and feel very welcoming and comfortable.

And the hostel serves a gourmet breakfast every morning! They have a rotating breakfast menu at the coffee shop where you can pick 1 out of the three options. After you order your food, go up to the second-floor cafe area, and they bring you your gourmet breakfast! It is some of the fanciest breakfast I’ve had in a hostel. But the complimentary breakfast does not include a drink.

The breakfast is included in the price, even if you are staying in the dormitory rooms.

3. Bouti City Capsule Inn

Address: No. 7, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Road, Taipei Main Station, Taipei, Taiwan 10046 (see map)

Rate: NT$550 for a single bed in a female dormitory

Bouti City Capsule Inn: Cheap Taipei hostel

Bouti City Capsule Inn is a 2-star hotel that has many dormitory rooms, an excellent common area, a shared kitchenette, and a bar.

For the price of a dorm bed, you get a comfortable single bed with a privacy screen and a large locker for all your belongings. Plus, you get a basic breakfast with include Taiwanese tea eggs, toasts and a variety of beverages.

And the hotel is conveniently located close to Taipei Main Station, Airport MRT Station and walking distance to Ximending.

Why you should book Bouti City Capsule Inn

Bouti City Capsule Inn is suitable for any travellers who want a clean, comfortable and affordable bed to stay for a few days.

Plus, if you want to be close to the best food and nightlife, Ximending is only 5 minutes away.

I stayed at Bouti City Capsule Inn in early 2018 and loved my stay. So when I returned to Taipei at the end of 2019, I stayed there again. The dorm rooms and bathrooms are kept in good condition and are both very clean.

4. Flip Flop Hostel – Garden

Address: No. 122, Chang’an West Road, Taipei Main Station, Taipei, Taiwan 10310 (see map)

Rate: NT$400 for a single bed in a 6-bed female dormitory

Flip Flop Hostel: upgraded dormitory bed

Flip Flop Garden Hostel is also near Taipei Main Station and Airport MRT. The hostel has many types of rooms, but the majority of the rooms have dormitory beds.

On the ground floor, there are several shared common areas. There is a shared kitchen, a big dining room, a game room and a beautiful courtyard.

The price of a dorm bed includes an excellent breakfast.

Why you should book Flip Flop Hostel

Flip Flop Garden Hostel is excellent for any solo traveller who wants a cozy dorm bed and not paying too much for it.

The individual dormitory bed is very well-designed. Each unit has a shelving unit where there is a shelf for your cell phone, a light and a locked compartment for your belongings. The designer really thought about maximizing the design for the vertical surface while making the dorm bed functional and cozy.

5. Taiwan Youth Hostel & Capsule Hotel

Address: No. 11, Qingdao W. Road, Taipei Main Station, Taipei, Taiwan 10041 (see map)

Rate: NT$550 for a single bed in a female dormitory

Taiwan Youth Hostel & Capsule Hotel: dorm bed includes a small desk

Taiwan Youth Hostel & Capsule Hotel is a popular hotel that attracts many international travellers. The 2-star hotel is close to Taipei Main Station and MRT Station.

The hotel has separate boys and girls dormitories where each area has a large room for dorm beds, a spacious bathroom and a luggage area.

Each dormitory unit has a comfortable single bed, a shallow table/desk, a hanging rod and a locker (behind the bed) that is big enough for a carry-on backpack. And there are sufficient electrical outlets to charge all your electronics.

There is a shared kitchenette, a dining area, and a big common space for travellers to hang out.

Why you should book Taiwan Youth Hostel & Capsule Hotel

I really like the table feature in the dormitory unit. Sometimes I would work inside my little cubby before going to sleep or put on Netflix movies.

Plus, it is easy to meet other travellers because of the clientele and the spacious common area. Perhaps most travellers don’t want to hang out in their little dormitory pods; they will spend more time in the sitting area.

The one downside of having such a large dormitory space is the noise. When you have many travellers going in and out at every hour of the day, it can be quite noisy. So use the complimentary earplugs!

6. We Come Hostel

Address: 2F, No. 26, Gangu Street, Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan 10343 (see map)

Rate: NT$400 for a single bed in a 4-bed female dormitory

We Come Hostel: eclectic common area

Choose either a single room or dormitory room at We Come Hostel. For the price of a dorm bed, it includes a comfortable single bed with privacy curtains, a simple breakfast and the use of the spacious common area.

Located not too far from Taipei Main Station, the hostel is also close to Dadaocheng District, a retro neighbourhood with many converted old houses that are filled with retail stores and cafes.

Why you should book We Come Hostel

We Come Hostel is perfect for any solo travellers with a tight budget but who want a comfortable bed for a few nights. Plus, it is an excellent location for exploring Dihua Street in Dadaocheng and the night markets in the area, including Ningxia Night Market and Yansan Night Market.

And I really enjoyed hanging out in the common area at We Come Hostel. The sitting area is filled with eclectic furniture, flat-screen tv and a functional kitchen. The space is very welcoming and comfortable.

7. Monka Hotel

Address: No. 139, Section 1, Xiyuan Road, Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan 108 (see map)

Rate: NT$1,500 for a standard double room

Monka Hotel: one of the best cheap hotels in Taipei

Monka Hotel is the best budget boutique hotel in Taipei. Located next to Lungshan Temple in Wanhua District, the hotel has everything you need for a short-term stay.

The 3-star hotel has 3 floors of guest rooms where each room is designed in an industrial minimalist design aesthetics. The rooms are newly renovated and are well-designed.

Even though there aren’t any public areas for travellers to hang out, the rooms are so comfortable that you really don’t want to leave.

Why you should book Monka Hotel

If you have been travelling solo for a while and want some privacy and luxury of a hotel and yet you don’t want to spend a lot, you must stay at Monka Hotel. Even though the standard double room is quite small, every design detail is functional and well-designed.

I wrote a proper review on Monka Hotel here.

8. Kimpton Da’an Taipei

Address: No. 25, Lane 27, Section 4, Ren’ai Road, Da’an District, Taipei, Taiwan 106 (see map)

Rate: NT$6,000 for a king superior room

Kimpton Da’an Taipei: the most luxurious boutique hotel in Taipei

Kimpton Da’an Taipei is a modern contemporary hotel in the residential neighbourhood in Da’an District. There are many excellent eateries and retail stores in the area where you can walk to. Or, if you want to explore other parts of Taipei, hop on the MRT at Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station, which is just 2 minutes away.

The hotel has 129 rooms, a spacious lobby with a cozy sitting area and an open bar, and a fantastic restaurant, The Tavernist, on the top floor.

The king superior room has a comfortable king bed, sitting area, open closet and a spacious bathroom. The room is modern and well-designed with the most luxurious materials and finishes.

I would consider Kimpton Da’an Taipei to be the best luxury hotel in Taipei! I love all the design detail of the hotel! As an ex-interior designer, I really appreciate a well-designed space where every detail is catered to a traveller.

Why you should book Kimpton Da’an Taipei

Kimpton Da’an Taipei Hotel is ideal for anyone who wants to stay in a modern contemporary hotel; someone who appreciates modern design and doesn’t mind paying for a luxurious room.

The room is not cheap, though! But sometimes a girl needs to stay somewhere really nice to really treat herself!

But as a guest, you can enjoy the wonderful amenities, including bike rental, where you can tour around the city on two wheels for free. And the hotel has complimentary snacks and drinks during Wine Hour every day in the lobby. What a great way to unwind and relax!

Which accommodation in Taipei are you going to book?

Finding solo accommodation in Taipei is very easy. But finding a hostel or hotel that is clean, comfortable and affordable will take a bit of research.

But I’ve done all of it for you, so you don’t have to wonder where to stay in Taipei. I stayed at each one of these places myself and would recommend anyone travelling solo to stay at one of these hostels or hotels in Taipei.

And it is easy to book all your accommodations through Agoda. It is my only accommodation booking website I use, and I trust it 100%!

I hope you find these Taipei accommodation recommendations helpful for your next trip to Taiwan!

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