Taichung Accommodation: Where to stay in Taichung, Taiwan as a solo traveller

If you are visiting Taichung, Taiwan for the first time, you must be wondering where to stay in Taichung City. And there are endless options when it comes to accommodations in Taichung, Taiwan. Whether you are travelling alone, with friends or your spouse, you will find accommodation that suits your style and budget.

As a solo traveller who has been to Taiwan many times, I appreciate the affordability and variety of accommodation choices. And in Taichung, cheap hotels are very comfortable and welcoming while budget hotels are more like stylish boutique hotels.

In this post, I’ll show you the best hotels and hotels in Taichung for any first-time traveller. If this is your time visiting Taichung, make sure to check out some of my favourite places to stay in Taichung.

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Before you look for accommodation in Taichung

Before you start your search for Taichung accommodation, take a look at my post on all my best tips for travelling to Taiwan. I included a lot of information, including getting a Taiwan prepaid SIM card, transportation around the country and more. And check out more tips on my solo travel guide to Taichung and learn about all the attractions in Taichung.

Taichung Accommodation Guide: hostels and hotels in Taichung Taiwan

I love travelling in Taiwan! And I noticed the Taiwan accommodation culture is a bit different from other parts of the world, specifically when it comes to staying at a hostel in Taiwan.

Here are some tips about Taiwanese accommodation culture that you might find useful:

  • Many cheap hotels in Taichung are near Taichung Train Station, which is the best area to stay in Taichung.
  • If you don’t want a dormitory room, there are quite a few budget-friendly hotels scattered around the city.
  • Whether you stay in your own room or a dorm bed, it costs a bit more to stay at Taichung hotels and hostels during a weekend than on a weekday.
  • If possible, book ahead for weekend stays because you want to secure the most competitive rate. Also, the vacancy rate is lower during the weekends as many Taiwanese people travel around the country, especially during national holidays.
  • A lot of Taiwanese travel around the country, and they stay in budget accommodations. So you may find Taiwanese solo travellers, older travellers, and entire families staying in hostels
  • From my experience, Taiwanese people are polite, shy, and keep to themselves. I’m always the one saying, “ni hao!” (hello in Mandarin) And sometimes, they would smile back or walk away. Ha! Don’t take it personally if they don’t say anything back. No matter what the response is, I always say hi!

Where to stay in Taichung when you are travelling alone in Taiwan

Wondering where to stay in Taichung as a solo traveller? Below are my favourite places, and they are some of the best hostels and hotels in Taichung, Taiwan. I’ve stayed in all of them, which is why I can recommend them to anyone who is looking for accommodation in Taichung.

1. Shin Sei Bashi Hotel (新盛橋行旅)

Address: No. 26, Zhongshan Road, Central District, Taichung, Taiwan 40042 (see map)

Rate: NT$500 for a single bed in a female dormitory

Shin Sei Bashi Hotel: lovely hotel near Taichung Station

Located in the old city centre, Shin Sei Bashi Hotel is close to Taichung Station and the main road where you can take most local buses.

Walk up a flight of stairs, and you will reach the reception on the second floor. The dorm room is located on the same floor, and it has eight beds and two shared bathrooms. It even has a desk area inside the room. The bed is comfortable and cozy. Other private guest rooms are on the upper floors. Plus, there are laundry facilities on-site as well.

The best part of the hotel is the common area outside of the dorm room. Two tables are facing the street where you can people watch. It is a great spot to eat or to do some work.

Plus, I really enjoyed the fusion breakfast gua bao (steamed bun sandwich), which is included in the price of the dorm bed. The hotel gives you a coupon where you can redeem your breakfast at the restaurant downstairs. It was really delicious!

Why you should book Shin Sei Bashi Hotel

Shin Sei Bashi dorm room accommodation is ideal for any solo traveller who wants comfortable accommodation, on a budget and wants to stay close to everything. If you want to splurge, you can get a private room.

2. Chance Hotel (巧合大飯店)

Address: No. 163, Jianguo Road, Central District, Taichung, Taiwan 40043 (see map)

Rate: NT$300 for a single bed in a female dormitory

Chance Hotel: best budget hotel in Taichung

Chance Hotel has a backpacker’s dormitory on floor 2 to 4  and private rooms from floor 5 to 11. If you request a female dorm, you will be sleeping on floor 3, which is the all-female floor.

You get a basic bunk bed for the price of a dorm bed, which has a USB port charger and a light. And you get a pair of disposable slippers and a locker to store your valuables. If you forgot a towel, you could buy a disposable towel for NT$20.

Level 4 is a common area with a small kitchen and sitting area.

The best part about Chance Hotel is the self-check-in process. You scan your travel document at the kiosk and input your booking number, and it will give you a slip where you can collect your key at the front desk. Really easy to use and super convenient as many visitors check-in each day.

Why you should book Chance Hotel

Chance Hotel is suitable for any backpacker on a tight budget and wants a basic bed and nothing else. You get the barebones. But the price is the cheapest I found in Taichung.

3. Norden Ruder Hostel Taichung (路得行旅 國際青年旅館)

Address: 12F, No. 123, Jianguo Road, Central District, Taichung, Taiwan 40043 (see map)

Rate: NT$800 2-bed female dormitory

Norden Ruder Hostel: best boutique hostel in Taichung

Opened in April 2019, Norden Ruder Hostel attracts many travellers because of its prime location, clean and modern interiors.

The guest rooms are on floors 8 to 12. On the 12th floor, there is a reception area, a large shared kitchen, a long dining table and many other sitting areas throughout the space. And there are laundry facilities on the 9th floor.

Moreover, Norden Ruder Hostel is not your typical hostel, where you have a dorm room with multiple beds and a shared bathroom. Only two “dorm rooms” share a bathroom, which is quite a luxury to share a bathroom with one other person on a hostel budget.

This boutique hostel is one of the best design hostels in Taichung. All the public spaces and private dorm rooms are designed with a Scandinavian minimalistic feel. Plus, the hostel furnished the entire space with Muji furniture, which is one of my favourite Japanese brands.

Why you should book Norden Ruder Hostel

For any solo traveller who wants a bit of luxury in hostel living, then look no further. Norden Ruder Hostel is one of the most luxurious hostel accommodations in Taichung. It has the price tag of a high-end hostel but the comfort of a hotel room.

Norden Ruder is one of my favourite hostels in Taichung! I love the hostel so much that I wrote an entire review on why I think Norden Ruder Hostel is the best boutique hostel in Taichung.

4. Star Hostel Taichung Parklane ( 誠星旅館)

Address: 15F, No. 68, Gongyi Road, West District, Taichung City, Taiwan (see map)

Rate: NT$650 8-bed female dormitory

Star Hostel Taichung Parklane: best new hostel in Taichung

One of the newly opened hostels in Taichung is the Star Hostel Taichung Parklane. Located on the 15th floor of the Green Park Lane Shopping Center, the building has many shops, many restaurants and cafes. You almost don’t need to leave the building! But of course, you do, there is so much to see in Taichung

Besides the great location, the hostel has many common spaces for travellers to hang out, a shared kitchen and excellent wifi. 

I know of this hostel chain because I stayed at the Star Hostel Taipei Main Station, one of my favourite hostels in Taipei. So I thought I would try the new location in Taichung and I absolutely loved it! 

Star Hostel Taichung Parklane has the same high standard as the one in Taipei. Guest rooms are spotless, the bathrooms are clean, and the common area is welcoming. 

Why you should book Star Hostel Taichung Parklane

Star Hostel Taichung Parklane is ideal for any solo traveller who has never stayed in a hostel before and wants to experience hostel living. I think it is an excellent way to introduce someone new to the hostel world because Star Hostel is clean and modern. And it feels more like a budget hotel with stylish rooms. 

If you have never stayed at a hostel before, you can choose a private room. Or be brave and stay in one of the dormitories. 

5. Mini Hotel Taichung (Feng Jia Branch)

Address: No. 15, Fuxing N 1st, Xitun District, Taichung, Taiwan 40741 (see map)

Rate: NT$1110 for a double room

Mini Hotel Taichung: best quirky hotel in Taichung

Each room at Mini Hotel Taichung is unique and one-of-a-kind! When you book online, you can pick exactly which room you want to stay in.

I chose a double room with a loft bed. I ended up getting two double beds, where both are in the lofty mezzanine area. There is even a sitting area underneath and a spotless bathroom. And can’t forget a little desk in the corner which is useful for doing a bit of work.

Plus the breakfast spread is quite good. The buffet-style breakfast has western and local food.

Moreover, this Mini Hotel location is close to Feng Chia Night Market. It is only 5 minutes away!

Why you should book Mini Hotel Taichung

Mini Hotel Taichung is ideal for any traveller who wants a quirky place to stay. Each room at Mini Hotel is different so you can choose one that suits your style. Plus the cost of a hotel room doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

And if you prefer to stay in the Central District, they also have another Mini Hotel near Taichung Railway Station. The rates are just as competitive, and the hotel is close to a lot of attractions.

6. SOF Hotel (植光花園酒店)

Address: No. 52, Guangfu Rd, Central District, Taichung, Taiwan 40045 (see map)

Rate: NT$1,700 for a standard double room

SOF Hotel: best design boutique hotel in Taichung

Located in the Central District, SOF Hotel (which stands for Space, Order and Form), is the best boutique hotel in Taichung.

Guest rooms are on floors 2 to 7 and the shared spaces include the lounge, garden and terrace.

I especially enjoy SOF Hotel because of the industrial minimalist design aesthetics. I love the juxtaposition of old and new material where the architect used modern materials and build around an existing building. Even though the building is quite old, all the spaces in SOF Hotel feel welcoming and comfortable.

Most of all, the price was really affordable for a boutique hotel. You are paying more than a dorm room but you are getting a quality stay at a great hotel.

Why you should book SOF Hotel

SOF Hotel is perfect for any traveller who would want a bit of luxury but without the expensive price tag. And if you have been travelling alone for a while and want some privacy and a good night’s sleep, then you must stay at the SOF Hotel! Read my review and see why I love SOF Hotel Taichung.

Which accommodation in Taichung are you going to book?

Before going to Taiwan, I wondered where to stay in Taichung because I wanted to stay at a hostel or hotel that is clean, comfortable and affordable. Plus, I want to stay somewhere that is central and has easy access to public transportation.

I was glad to find many excellent hotels and hostels in Taichung, Taiwan! My mind was spinning when I saw all the options on Agoda!

But in the end, I picked several fantastic Taichung hostels and hotels, which I totally recommend for any travellers, especially if you are travelling alone. I hope you find these recommendations helpful.

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