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Hong Kong Best Coffee Shops for Serious Coffee Lovers

I love going to coffee shops in Hong Kong. I like trying different signature coffee drinks and spending a few hours either reading a book or doing some work on my laptop. And I love finding new coffee places to try. I love coffee! I love the taste of it, the smell of it, I love everything about it.

And I spend an insane amount of money on coffee. Even though I know it is one of the things I should cut out if I want to save more money. But everyone has one thing they love and cannot do without. And mine is coffee.

While there are many coffeehouse chains in Hong Kong, like Starbucks and Pacific Coffee, you know you never have to go very far to get a decent cup of joe.

But I want something more. So I am always on the hunt for new coffee shops in Hong Kong that are unique and different. So far, I have 13 favourite places for my list of “Hong Kong best coffee shops”. I’ll keep adding to the list when I find more. So bookmark this page and come back often!

Below suggestions are all opinions of my own and did not receive any compensation for any of the reviews. I only want to share what I love. 
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Where to find the best coffee shops in Hong Kong

I’ve included the Google Maps location to all the Hong Kong coffee shops mentioned in his blog. You can click on the link and it will directly open your Google Maps so you can easily find the coffee shop.

Hong Kong Best Coffee Shops

A couple of years ago when I first started my search for the best coffee in Hong Kong, my research always brought me to somewhere on Hong Kong Island. I believe there is a bigger demand for good coffee on the island as the ex-pat community is much bigger on the Hong Kong side.

There are several good coffee brands and a few independent coffee shops scattered around Central, Sheung Wan, Sai Ying Pun, and Kennedy Town.

Many of them are still around today and new ones have emerged. Here are some of my favourites on Hong Kong Island.

Coco Espresso

Coco Espresso has been around for a while and they are one of the first few coffee shops I found when I moved back to Hong Kong in 2016. I keep going back because their coffee is consistently good. I love their coffee so much that I even got their single-origin coffee bean so I can make it at home.

Order a flat white because it is the best coffee in Hong Kong. And the baristas are so freakin talented! Just look at the latte art! If it is your first time visit a Coco Espresso, go to the Jervois St location which is also the flagship store. The cafe has a few outdoor seats where you can people watch.

Address: 19 Jervois St, Sheung Wan | MTR: Sheung Wan Exit E2 | Hours: 7:30am-6:30pm Monday to Friday, 9:30am-5:30pm Saturdays & Sundays

Winstons Coffee

Every neighbourhood needs a good coffee place. And luckily for Kennedy Town, Winstons Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Hong Kong. I like going to this laidback coffee shop, drink coffee and read a book on one of the bar stools. And Winstons have a location in Sai Ying Pun too. And did I mention they also serve cocktails?

Order a flat white if you need a caffeine boost. Or order one of their signature espresso cocktails because they are super yummy. Or try the new CBD cold brew!

Address: Shop 8, 11 Davis St, Kennedy Town | MTR: Kennedy Town Exit C | Hours: 7am-10pm Tuesday to Saturday; 7am-7pm Mondays & Sundays

Artistry Brewing Company

Artistry Brewing Company or A.B.C. is an eclectic cafe with tasteful vintage furnishings. Besides the well-designed space, the coffee at A.B.C. is quite good too. The little cafe is tucked away in a little corner in North Point but many patrons know about this place because it is always busy.

Order a slice of carrot cake with your latte. The lunch menu looks phenomenal and the prices are pretty good too. And they also have happy hour serving local craft beers.

Address: 43A Kan Ping St, North Point | MTR: North Point, Exit B4, | Hours: 11am-10pm

Blue Bottle Coffee

Originated in California, Blue Bottle Coffee has over 90 coffee shops all over the US and in Asian countries like Japan and Korea. Earlier this year, the artisanal coffee shop opened its first location in Hong Kong and coffee lovers in Hong Kong are all over it.

Blue Bottle Coffee only has a few coffee and food items on the menu but that’s all they really need. Order an iced latte and their signature Liège Waffle. The aromatic coffee and sweet treat is the perfect pairing.

Address: 38 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central | MTR: Central, Exit D2 | Hours: 8am-5pm

Best coffee shops in Kowloon

Unlike Hong Kong Island, Kowloon has a rustic and old-world feel to it. The vibe is definitely different from Hong Kong Island, as there are fewer tourists and foreigners. Buildings and streets are quite old. There is definitely a nostalgic feeling whenever I walk through neighbourhoods in Kowloon.

But in the last two years, I noticed many new independent coffee shops popping up all over Kowloon and in unexpected neighbourhoods.

I suspect the list of coffee shops in Kowloon will grow pretty fast. Here are my favourites so far.

Coffee Academics

Coffee Academics has been serving good coffee and food since opening its flagship shop in Causeway Bay. Now you can enjoy a cup of joe at one of their 12 Hong Kong locations or while you are travelling to Singapore, Thailand, Macau, Japan and the Philippines. But no matter which coffee shop you visit, you can always count on quality coffee and their own signature drinks.

Order a specialty coffee (black, white, nitro hot or cold brew) – Coffee Academics were ranked first in 2017 for their specialty coffee. Or order a signature latte like Manuka latte or Okinawa latte and change up your coffee routine.

Address: Shop No.327 L3, K11 Musea | MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui East, Exit J, | Hours: 11am-9pm

% Arabica Hong Kong

I first learned about % Arabica when I tried it in Kyoto, Japan and I couldn’t stop thinking about the good coffee, its unique logo and the monochromatic coffee shop.

Luckily for me (and many serious coffee lovers in Hong Kong), there are several locations throughout Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. My favourite location has to be the one by K11 Musea Victoria Dockside. The little coffee stall is in a golden cube designed by Rem Koolhaas’ studio OMA.

Order a single-origin cafe latte and sit on one of the benches along Avenue of the Stars and enjoy the view of Hong Kong Island.

Address: Shop No.6, Level 0, K11 Musea Victoria Dockside | MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui East, Exit J | Hours: 10am-7pm

Rest Coffee Gin

If you are visiting the West Kowloon area, definitely make a pit stop at Rest Coffee Gin. The newish coffee shop has many different types of coffee beans and matcha powder so you can customize your own drink. But their drinks are not cheap, though. But the panoramic view is priceless.

The best time to go is before sunset. Order a signature matcha drink so you can see the sunset and the gorgeous view of Hong Kong Island. When the sun goes down, order one of their gin cocktails.

Address: Shop GF-04, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District | MTR: Kowloon, Exit E3 | Hours: 12am-12pm

Halfway Coffee

Like most popular coffee shops in Hong Kong, they expand and open new locations throughout Hong Kong. Many coffee shops that I discovered on Hong Kong Island have done that, including Halfway Coffee.

One of the newer locations is in a local neighbourhood in Kowloon that sells homeware and other knick-knacks. The popularity of Halfway Coffee attracts coffee fans all over the city to this tiny corner of Mongkok where they can continue to enjoy the aromatic coffees served in traditional Chinese teacups and saucers.

Visit the retro style cafe and order a dirty iced coffee and enjoy it at one of the vintage table sets. Or get your coffee to go. They even have take-out cups in similar classic Chinese ceramic patterns.

Address: 6 Soy St, Mongkok | MTR: Mongkok, Exit E1 | Hours: 9am-6pm

Knockbox Coffee Company

I am not a coffee connoisseur but I know what I like in a cup of coffee. And every time I want to have the perfect latte, I will go to Knockbox Coffee Company because I know I will never be disappointed.

And apparently other coffee lovers think the same thing too. The little coffee shop in Mongkok packs up quickly as soon as the door opens. And it’s no secret that the coffee shop won barista competitions in the past. And I can tell just by the way they make coffee, they really care about the quality and the flavour.

When you order a latte, the barista will ask if you want nutty or fruity. I’ve tried both and still can’t decide which one I love more. The good folks at Knockbox make some of the best coffee in Hong Kong.

Address: 21 Hak Po St, Mongkok | MTR: Mongkok, Exit E2 | Hours: 11am-6pm

Colour Brown x PHVLO HATCH

One of my all-time favourite coffee shop in Hong Kong is located in an old neighbourhood in Kowloon called Sham Shui Po. It is a hidden gem in the city and an up-and-coming area where many young entrepreneurs open shops to promote creativity and sustainability.

Colour Brown, a popular coffee shop in Hong Kong, partnered with PHYLO HATCH, an organization dedicated to giving back to the community by promoting sustainability through design, art, fashion and film. And together, they opened a space for coffee lovers and art lovers.

Pop in the coffee shop and order a latte and a piece of red bean cheesecake. And walk up the spiral staircase to the second floor and see the latest exhibition by PHVLO HATCH.

Address: 13 Wong Chuk St, Sham Shui Po | MTR: Sham Shui Po, Exit A2 | Hours: 10am-7pm

Tai Wo Tang Cafe (大和堂)

Located in Kowloon City, Tai Wo Tang Cafe used to be a Chinese medicinal shop. The cafe kept the old medicine cabinets and revamped the space to make it look like a modern Chinese herbal shop. But instead of selling medicine, the modern shop serves delicious food and lattes.

Order a Tai Wo Tang Latte, their in-house specialty which is made of earl grey tea and cafe latte. And order their unique cheesecake made with red date and hawthorn. These are some Chinese ingredients (reminds me of childhood snacks and soup I had at my grandma’s house). But the combination of ingredients tastes delicious, and it is not too sweet.

Address: 24 Nga Tsin Long Rd, Kowloon City | MTR: Sung Wong Toi, Exit B3 | Hours: 8am-6pm

Which one of these coffee shops in Hong Kong are you going to try?

New coffee shops in Hong Kong are popping up everywhere! I’ll keep updating this post and show you all my new favourites. So make sure to bookmark this page or pin the graphic to your Pinterest board.

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