Best Breakfast in Taipei Taiwan: 9 Places to Eat Taiwanese Breakfast

Taiwanese breakfast has to be my favourite type of breakfast food. And when it comes to breakfast in Taipei, there are many places to eat delicious traditional breakfast food like egg crepe, rice rolls, and clay oven rolls.

And a lot of Taipei breakfast places have evolved. Some local restaurants serve Taiwanese breakfast sandwiches that use traditional ingredients but with a modern twist.

While you can have a full Taiwanese breakfast at 7-11 every day, I found some of the best breakfast spots in Taipei where you can eat like a local, not spend a lot of money and sample some of the best Taiwanese breakfast. If you are a foodie travelling to Taipei, then keep reading!

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What you need to know before trying Taiwanese breakfast in Taipei

Before you try some of the best breakfasts in Taipei, look at my post on everything you need to know before going to Taiwan. I included a lot of travel information, including how to get a Taiwan SIM Card and get around Taiwan and other travel tips.

Plus, I have a solo travel guide on Taipei for those who have never been to Taipei.

Here are a few additional tips for eating breakfast in Taipei:

  • Check the hours of operation for the breakfast restaurant before you go. Some open super early and close by lunch. And each breakfast joint closes on a different day.
  • Bring cash. Most breakfast places only take cash as payment.
  • Taiwanese breakfast food is very affordable. It doesn’t cost a lot to eat delicious food in the morning.
  • Some restaurants serve breakfast food all day. If you are one of those people who likes breakfast for lunch and dinner, then you’re in luck.

What is Taiwan breakfast food?

Breakfast in Taiwan is really really good. I cannot get enough of it!

In Taiwan, breakfast food includes egg pancakes, rice rolls, clay oven rolls, dumplings, turnip cakes, and steamed buns. And hot or cold soy milk is always on the menu, whether sweet or savoury. And if soy milk is not your choice of beverage, pair your food with a classic black tea with or without milk.

And there are Taiwanese breakfast sandwiches that have a unique twist to them. Using the best local ingredients and housemade sauce (usually peanut sauce), it gives Taiwanese breakfast food another dimension of deliciousness.

Where to find the best Taipei breakfast

Here are some of my favourite places to have breakfast in Taipei. I included a link to the location for each recommendation below so you can easily find these Taipei breakfast spots.

10 Best Places to Eat Taiwanese Breakfast in Taipei

1. Yong He Soy Milk King (永和豆漿大王)

If you have never had Taiwanese breakfast, then you must eat at Yong He Soy Milk King (永和豆漿大王) because this is where you will have the best breakfast in Taipei.

They serve a huge variety of Taiwanese breakfast food and have many locations across Taipei, including the popular locations in Ximending (17 Hanzhong Street and 30 Hankou Street).

Every Yong He Soy Milk location has different breakfast food on the menu. But generally, they all have variations of clay oven rolls, rice rolls, egg pancakes, dumplings and soy milk.

Yong He Soy Milk King Address: No. 102, Section 2, Fuxing S Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City | Hours: 5am-2pm, 4pm-1am Tuesday to Sunday (closed Mondays)

Yong He Soy Milk King menu: how to order

Order your food at the counter inside Yong He Soy Milk King. They have an English menu with all the Taiwanese breakfast items listed clearly.

After you paid, you can pick some breakfast food (like egg crepe and clay oven rolls) immediately. If you order dumplings, it will take six minutes because they make them fresh. When the dumplings are ready, they will bring them to your table.

2. Fuhang Soy Milk (阜杭豆漿)

As a Michelin Bib Gourmand breakfast place, Fuhang Soy Milk (阜杭豆漿) certainly does not disappoint! There are several Taiwanese breakfast items you can order. But you should try their specialties: soy milk (sweet and savoury) and signature oven-baked thick bread.

And the prices for each item are very reasonable. You might want to return a few times and try everything on the menu.

Fuhang Soy Milk Address: 2F, No. 108, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City | Hours: 5:30am-12:30pm (closed Mondays)

Fuhang Soy Milk menu: how to order

The restaurant is on the second floor. But sometimes the queue is so long it starts from the ground floor. Follow the crowd and the long queue, and you will find Fuhang Soy Milk. The line moves quickly, so don’t be intimidated by the wait.

As I said, the queue is super long, especially during peak breakfast hours. Try to go right before closing so you can have brunch/lunch.

They have an English menu with photos (see below). Order your breakfast by the number. The staff speaks English too!

3. Gan Mei Alley (甘妹弄堂) 

Gan Mei Alley (甘妹弄堂) is a small restaurant serving many types of delicious Hakka-style food for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Ximending.

Between 8am and 11am, they have many breakfast items, including egg pancakes, rice rolls and dumplings. All of which closely resemble Taiwanese breakfast.

I tried their signature iron plate chive soup dumplings, egg pancake and cold tea combo. It was delicious! Prices are a bit higher, but the restaurant atmosphere is quite nice.

Gan Mei Alley Address: No. 130號, Kunming St, Wanhua District, Taipei City | Hours: 8am-9pm Friday to Monday; 8am-2:30pm Wednesday and Thursday (closed Tuesdays)

Gan Mei Alley menu: how to order

Tell the waiter you want a table for one and he’ll bring you to your table and give you the breakfast menu and an order sheet (in Chinese).

You can point to the item on the menu if you can’t read the Chinese order sheet. The menu has many pictures, and each item is written in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. I included a snapshot of one of the pages in the menu. You can order individual items or breakfast combos.

After you finish eating, you can pay at the counter.

4. Weiding (味鼎蛋餅)

I found Weiding (味鼎蛋餅) while scrolling through photos on Instagram, and I was immediately drawn to all the images of the cheesy egg pancakes and the cheesy rice rolls. I didn’t realize cheese is a big part of Taiwanese breakfast food!

I decided on the rice roll, and it certainly did not disappoint. It was ooey and gooey! The portion is bigger than I thought, though. So if you are super hungry, definitely get the rice roll!

Weiding Address: No.3, Lane 21, Longjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City | Hours: 5:45am-1pm (closed Sundays)

Weiding menu: how to order

Take the menu and a pen at the counter and grab a seat at the back. Then study the menu as there are many things to choose from.

Then check off the items you want to try and hand the order menu to the lady behind the counter. They will bring your food to you. And you pay on your way out.

5. Sihai Soy Milk (四海豆漿大王)

I found 四海豆漿大王 (Sihai Soy Milk) while randomly walking around Taipei Main Station. The local breakfast joint is not too far from the train station and has a local authentic vibe.

Like many local breakfast places in Taipei, Sihai Soy Milk also serves typical Taiwanese breakfast items like rice rolls, egg pancakes, clay oven rolls, dumplings and soy milk. And prices are very affordable.

Sihai Soy Milk Address: No. 29, Chang’an W Rd, Datong District, Taipei City | Hours: 6am-9pm Monday to Saturday; 6am-1pm Sunday

Sihai Soy Milk: how to order

Go straight to the order counter and ask for an English menu (yes, they have one!). The person behind the counter will give you the picture menu and order sheet.

Then sit at one of the tables at the back of the kitchen area. When you are ready, either order with the meal number from the picture menu or, if you know a bit of Chinese, you can check off your order with the order sheet.

Pay, wait for your food at the counter and bring your food to your table.

6. Shi Jie Soymilk King (世界豆漿大王)

Located in New Taipei City, near Dingxi MRT Station, Shi Jie Soymilk King (世界豆漿大王) is one of the better-known restaurants serving typical Taiwanese breakfast in Taipei. It has been around for over 60 years and is open 24 hours daily.

I ordered xiao long bao (soup dumplings), a clay oven roll with green onion egg, salty rice ball and iced peanut rice milk.

I find the portion of the food smaller than in other breakfast places (especially for the rice ball), and the prices are higher. But I still think it is worth trying.

Shi Jie Soymilk King Address: No. 284, Section 2, Yonghe Rd, Yonghe District, New Taipei City | Hours: 24 hours

Shi Jie Soymilk King menu: how to order

First, get an English menu (see below) from the order counter and sit at one of the tables. Study the menu (because there are a lot of items on the menu) and order at the counter. The restaurant will bring the food to you once it’s ready.

7. Liáng sù shānghào (良粟商號)

One of the most popular breakfast sandwiches at Liáng sù shānghào (良粟商號) is the charcoal-grilled chicken thigh with soft-boiled egg sandwich with peanut sauce. And that’s exactly what I tried the first time there. I also got their popular cold winter melon milk tea.

When I returned again this year, I tried charcoal-grilled bacon with soft-boiled egg with mayonnaise. It was just as tasty!

良粟商號 Address: No. 8, Lane 330, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City | Hours: 7am-1pm Monday to Friday; 8am-12pm Sundays (closed Saturdays)

良粟商號 menu: how to order

When you get there, stand in the queue right away. The line moves quickly. Then order, pay, sit down, and they will bring you the food.

They have a Chinese and English menu (see below).

Try to go as early as you can. There is always a long queue. The first time I went at noon, the shop closed an hour before closing. I saw a sign that said “sold out,” I knew I was out of luck! So the next day, I went bright and early!

8. Zhen Fang (真芳)

Zheng Fang (真芳) has several locations in Taipei, mainly serving breakfast sandwiches.

I chose the signature sandwich, the Zhen Fang Sandwich. If it is the signature sandwich, it must be their best, right? Right!

The sandwich is stacked with the best ingredients: eggs, ham, lettuce, egg salad, pumpkin, peanut sauce and three slices of white bread. It is probably the biggest sandwich on the menu. So if you are super hungry, definitely get the Zhen Fang Sandwich.

They also have several types of egg rolls (or egg crepes), which are also fantastic for breakfast.

Zhen Fang Sandwich Address: No.19, Section 1, Chang’an East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City | Hours: 6:30am-1:30pm

Zheng Fang menu: how to order

The menu (pictured below) is mostly in Chinese, but they have the sandwich name in English. And for the most part, the name of the sandwich describes all the ingredients.

9. Food Life Breakfast (福來早餐)

I love a good breakfast sandwich! So when I found Food Life Breakfast (福來早餐) by scrolling through Google Maps, I knew I had to try it!

This restaurant serves about 13 types of sandwiches, most of which are excellent breakfast options. I tried the egg and fried chicken and hashbrowns. But I was also interested in trying the spicy Taiwanese pickle, stewed pork and egg sandwich and Korean kimchi and egg sandwich.

Also, this breakfast cafe has salad and other side dishes like sweet potato fries. And their signature dish, turnip cake with rice sausage, is also very popular.

Moreover, they have a great selection of beverages, including black tea, milk tea, soy milk, soy milk tea, latte and americano.

Food Life Breakfast Address: No. 83-3, Section 1, Heping E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City | Hours: 7:30am-3pm Friday to Monday; 7am-2pm Tuesday to Thursday

Food Life Breakfast menu: how to order

I ordered take-out (because the cafe was busy, even at 2pm). So I ordered my Taiwanese breakfast sandwich from the window and waited for my food.

And if you want to eat in, wait for a table outside (if the cafe is busy), get seated, order your food, pay and enjoy!

If you are in the Da’an area, you can try one of these breakfast sandwiches at their Andong location.

Want to join a tour in Taipei, Taiwan?

Breakfast in Taipei: which Taiwanese breakfast item are you going to try?

So those are some of my go-to places for Taiwanese breakfast in Taipei, Taiwan. I will add more to my post and share it with you as I find more.

Let me know in the comments which Taipei breakfast you want to try or if any new breakfast places in Taipei should be part of this list.

Thank you for reading my Taipei breakfast post

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